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Ribbon Bar

Article about: Hello I'm looking at picking up this ribbon bar, I think it looks ok to me but I want to want run it by here before I pick it up?

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    Default Ribbon Bar


    I'm looking at picking up this ribbon bar, I think it looks ok to me but I want to want run it by here before I pick it up?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Ribbon Bar   Ribbon Bar  

    Ribbon Bar   Ribbon Bar  

    Ribbon Bar  

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    I'd say this one has been faked. I am suspicious with there
    being too many different areas of service: NSDAP LS,
    Heer LS, Fire LS, Westwall, and the combat awards.

    The wreathed swastika is an extremely rare award,
    but it's on a civil Red Cross ribbon, when it
    should be an Iron Cross ribbon.

    Stains do make the group look old, but these
    are heavily faked today.........


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    The ribbons seem to be in the right order which is a good start. I would question how the front is very dirty and yet the reverse, especially around the edges is very clean, even the white threads are clean. You would imagine that if the front was so dirty then some of the dirt would've encroached onto the back, particularly the edges of the bar. The backing and stitching looks a bit rough and untidy as well.

    I personally don't like the look of it, it looks like a put together piece. I'm unsure of the devices attached to it too, especially the swastika.

    Wait for a few of the others to chime in.

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    No good and clearly engineered to be as "desirable" as possible, as a genuine 10-place medal bar with the 25-year NSDAP long service award would be a very rare beast.

    Allow me a few more observations:

    All classes of the NSDAP service award were worn together, yet this bar has only the 25- and 15 year classes (4th and 5th on the bar), with the 10-year class missing.

    The combination of the 25-years NSDAP service award with the Army/Navy long service award is not possible.

    The Sudetenland medal (9th on the bar) took precedence over the Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen (8th on the bar); here, they appear in the wrong order.

    The wreathed Swastika device is actually not the Ehrenblattspange Walkwolf was thinking of (that one had a "static" Swastika, a different wreath and a bow at the bottom) but is - or rather is pretending to be - the device worn to identify the highest grade of theVolkspflege decoration. (Heydrich, for example, wore this device.) However, originals had a black Swastika. Also, this ribbon, too, is in the wrong place, as it would have ranked below the military long service awards.

    The workmanship is rather poor as well; notice, for example, how uneven the devices are mounted or how the red underlay protrudes at the bottom side of the ribbons on the left.
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    Cheers, Ade.
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    A ridiculous bar how much long service can a person have? !

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Thank you for the correction Andreas, my medal mounting ribbon order senses were obviously not working well at that time of the morning.

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