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SA Sports Badge: Fake ?

Article about: Hello, another one of my suspect badges. As a novice at this I can only go by instinct and photo's in reference books. Any information you can provide will help me identify the fakes in the

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    Hi Aldo, it looks OK to me? I don't understand what he means by a variation, as it appears conventional.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Hello Ade, thank God you are back. I'm drowning here. I referred to it as a variation because I compared it to the wounded version I posted earlier. My mistake. Thanks, Al

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    Ah...... I see. That would be comparing apples with oranges

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Hello Aldo

    I have recently bought an SA Sports War Wound Badge & thought you would like to see an ORIGINAL. Recently found ground dug. If the price is right I may sell.

    Regards welchman
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SA Sports Badge: Fake ?   SA Sports Badge: Fake ?  

    Attached Images Attached Images SA Sports Badge: Fake ? SA Sports Badge: Fake ? 

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    Good probability to find RZM (logo) + M1/100 (Werner Redo - Saarlautern).
    The only of two company known who used the RZM logo, other company M1/52 (Deschler - Munchen) used only M1/52.
    I would remember this a very late war badge, if I remember good institued on 1944.

    first Wounded Sport Badge is fake, sorry.
    Last one you showed is a good but normal SA Sport Badge, no wound badge, on bronze.
    Looks like good the very low number tipical to the first exemplars.
    Remember we have 3 types of MM on rear, about the SA PROPERTY, who detect a 3 different time of attribuation and all issued on the 3 rank (gold, silver and bronze).
    If you like it, buy it.
    The very very rare is a Naval SA Sport Badge.
    On rear of wounded badge, we found ONLY the two types of RZM mark that I explained above to Welchman.

    That is only my personal opinion, happy this help you.
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    Listen too these guys when they say dont get down! Im sure everyone remembers the fake helmets I posted on here when I joined! Since then I have consintrated on my stronger areas that I have references for and more experience handling. I have not touched another helmet since. Someday I will have enough knowledge to confidently buy German helmets. Keep going and happy hunting! Regards, Lee

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