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Starting my collection

Article about: Tips from me on good and not so expensive medals to start with: War merit cross 2nd class. Cost about 30 euro. Winterslacht im osten (the frozen meet medal) costs about the same. Woundedbadg

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    I know, its just ridiculous.

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    Everyone, thank you very much for your help and advice.

    I guess i was right about this forum, it truly is a friendly community, with many people full of knowledge and kindness.

    Adrian, Pammy, Toxic Gas, Screaming Eagle, crazy Horse, Wolfspear, Neil, George, thank you very much for your input.

    As Screaming Eagle was saying, it is a little tough collecting these things when your my age, simply because its Nazi stuff. I had 3+ relatives that fought in the second world war, in the first world war, boer war etc. My Grandfather who fought with the canadian navy tells me all his stories about his war service. I was a little suprised when he told me about how the Nazi uniforms, equipment, and such being very 'elegent and beautiful' in ways. It occured to me then that even he respected their some things about the enemy.

    AdrianC, Thanks for your advice for when im collecting. When i purchase or am wanting to purchase an item i will put it up on the forum here, and seek your help if i need any.

    George, the situation you were in when you were beginning, thats pretty much the one im in now. My parents aren't Jewish, but do not like the whole idea of collecting Nazi items. I have been doing as you were doing, telling them I collect for the interest, the beauty, and the history of the items.

    It really is too bad that people who collect this stuff are misunderstood as 'sympathizers'.

    Thank you all once again,

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