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Starting my collection

Article about: Tips from me on good and not so expensive medals to start with: War merit cross 2nd class. Cost about 30 euro. Winterslacht im osten (the frozen meet medal) costs about the same. Woundedbadg

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    Default Starting my collection

    Hello everyone,

    I have just joined this forum today but have been viewing it for a few months. I would first like to say how great this forum is, and would like to thank the moderators and Ade for all of the brilliant contributions to this forum and in keeping everything in order.

    Now iam 14, but i started taking up interest in this subject since before i was 10. I have been doing lots of reading and research and i have never been bored of the subject. Problem is, my knowledge exceeds my collection, which contains only a few items passed down from my ancestors.

    Because i have studied my friends and family friends' collections for a while now, i thought that it was time that i get started, and i thought this would be a good place to start.

    I have long been interested in german militaria ( who isn't? ) and also a little canadian militaria, from ww2. So i have come here to start collecting, and i will ask that if there are some items amongst your collections that you believe are good stepping stones to a collection( aka dont have to be rare or expensive), and you want to sell them, Then iam here! They can be rusty or shiny, big or small, but as long as you think they are good for a new collector, then you've got some possible interest here You can send me a PM or just reply to this thread, whatever suits you!

    Thanks very much for your time, and for accepting me into your community!

    Thanks again,

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    Default Re: Starting my collection

    Hi Dolan,
    Welcome to this amazing forum!!! My advice to you would be to pick an area and go from there. Do you want to collect Heer, SS, Kreigs,Luft, ext, or collect the same medal or badge from all the makers. Just a thought that was taught to me when I first started from a very knowledgeable collector. Just find on area and build on that!! Hopes that helps and good luck!!!

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    Default Re: Starting my collection

    Thanks! In terms of a specific area to collect, thats where im stumped. Everything is just so great, so attractive. Every bit of the german ww2 army has something that appeals to me, as many other forum members would probably agree.
    I would probably narrow it down to whermacht or Luftwaffe, but then again, i'm open to pretty much anything!

    Thanks for the help,

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    Default Re: Starting my collection

    Welcome to the forum!

    I would have to agree with AKbear. Pick a particular field whether it is helmets, badges, insignia or what have you and study that partiular area well before purchasing. There is a ton of information here on the forum to steer you in the right direction of originality. I personally would stay away from SS for beginners because of the expense anything SS and the greater possiblity of it being a fake.

    rgds, Tyrone

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    Default Re: Starting my collection

    I agree, thats why i have stayed away from the SS stuff for now
    Now that you have brought it up( i never mentioned it before) i was thinking of starting of with small things such as insignia, patches, badges, medals etc. I'm hoping this is narrowing things down!


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    Default Re: Starting my collection

    Dolan i have a luftwaffe trade specialty badge that you can have free of charge. It isn't expensive but it is a neat little item to start a collection. I have sent you a PM with some details.


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    Default Re: Starting my collection

    Haha Thanks very much Finn, It's always great to have kind people like you on this forum. I will PM you

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    Default Re: Starting my collection

    No problem, its nice to know theres someone new to the collecting


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    Default Re: Starting my collection

    it's great you are that young & want to start a collection, wish I had not waited so late in life, but thats the way it goes wish you all the best, this stuff isnt getting any cheaper, take care.

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    Default Re: Starting my collection

    Welcome to the forum Dolan

    Its always great to see young enthusiasts

    There are plenty of good people on this forum who will guide you

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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