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Strange Kriegsabzeichen für Hilfskreuzer Marking

Article about: Hi all, I'm looking into purchasing a fairly salty Auxiliary Cruiser Badge, but am concerned about the markings. This badge is marked "26" which is an unknown mark to me. Perhaps s

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    Quote by martinw View Post
    Hi Leon,

    well i collect Hilfskreuzer awards and i have one of these "flatbacks" in my collection.

    I think they are worth having.

    I think the spurrious 26 mark on the reverse may have been added later to increase value,hard to say ??

    Here is the one i have and a very rare L/18 marked zinc Mayer for comparison.

    Nice to see that the lined pattern I mentioned earlier is also on the reverse of the top badge. It's unique to Rettenmaier, but oddly isn't found on all their badges, some show no sign at all.
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    Quote by FALLSCHIRMJAGER View Post
    Beautiful award Martin, a fine looking piece. How many Hilfskreuzer are you now up to? Leon.
    Well Leon,

    i have about 40 HSK awards,including miniatures and 57'er's.

    I rarely buy any awards anymore unless they are named or come with provenance from known HSK crewmen.

    Besides,prices have gone through the roof on these awards,and other awards too.I do not buy from dealers now,just privately.


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    Quote by Fallschirmjager1941 View Post
    Thank you all for the replies. I'm still a bit confused as to whether the consensus is that the badge itself is of the period. I take it its an original piece but with added postwar markings?

    Thanks again,
    Hi Jake, I think we agree it is a good original award by Rettenmaier, with the only concern being the 26 mark to the reverse that has probably been added later. Leon.
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    Quote by FALLSCHIRMJAGER View Post
    Hi Jake, I think we agree it is a good original award by Rettenmaier, with the only concern being the 26 mark to the reverse that has probably been added later. Leon.
    My thoughts also.

    Still worth getting if the price is right.


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    Hi Guys,

    I agree with everything that's been said here, and I'll just add that we don't know what Rettenmaier did with all their leftover stock (and tooling) as they continued in business until the present day. So despite being in Germany rather than the legal haven of Austria, there's no reason why they couldn't have leaked a considerable load of leftover stock in the post-war decades -- just like Souval and S&L. There's no doubt Rettenmaier was making these badges in late wartime but their post-war activity (if any) remains unknown.

    Another observation: I'm of the opinion that like Mayer's zinc badges, all Rettenmaier's wartime zinc badge production was for the LDO market and not issued directly to sailors by the KM (in the manner of Juncker's badges).

    Best regards,

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    Thank you all so much for your valuable insight. I'll contact the dealer tonight. I hope to add this piece to the collection

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    Personally, I would pass on it, myself. If it Is genuine, why bother adding a strange number to the back? It wouldn't add any considerable value to it and you take a chance on ruining or damaging a genuine badge, if this is the case. The logic just isn't screaming at me here. I think Norm has a Very valid point when he questions if these pieces are post-war or not.

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