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U-boot Frontspange

Article about: Hello, I know I just posted a thread but this is an important post. This badge appears to be good. The dealer does not know if it is bronze or silver but it appears to be bronze to me. Opini

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    A Great pair, Pete! And in super condition as well. Looking at your Bronze's pin, the Same exact area where the original's clasp's pin has it's silvery spot-the same is evident on your badge as well, so I'd say this is pretty good indicator that the original clasp is, indeed, bronze as well! Thanks for posting these fine clasps! I would say the mystery is solved. Bronze it is!

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    Quote by sturmgewehr View Post
    I agree, I do not need a 100% example, its just that idea of ambiguity that bothers me. You do make a valid point in scarcity. There certainly are not many examples to choose from! Thanks William.
    Hello William , I do see your point but as this is such a scarce award in any grade I would snap it up at that price. A good original is a real rarity , when you consider the numbers you have mentioned and say the rarity comparison to a double decal SS helmet ,this is much much rarer and a fraction of the price!! Go for it (imho) Leon.
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    imo bronze, a very rare badge I have 1 or possibly 2.

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    Your looking at it for a reason and life is short.... Does not hurt to make an offer !! They are cool as hell and my lord look at the production !

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    The only negatives I can see, is the fact that the lettering to the makers name etc, seems less distinct than mine, and, less so, the hook, which I have never seen on this badge before. There is a very dangerous copy of this badge about I believe.

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    Thank you all for the replies. Thank you Pete for your Marvelous examples for comparison. However, Comparing it to yours and others I am starting to have my doubts about the example I posted. The conning tower, gun, and eagle is also different.

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    Paul Hogle is generally pretty well on with his badges, and if there ever develops a problem, he will always stand by his guarantees. A very reputable seller...

    Personally, I Like this badge. The applied hook was done, no doubt, by the recipient. Some men hand vaulted these badges too, as, apparently, they did not ride well on their uniforms. There are several small variations of the detailing on these things as they were made, as well as 2 wholey different patterns also. The differences I am seeing here are, I feel, quite abit attributable to lighting and angles, but it's a judgment call. Things like the slight greenish tint being present on both pieces give it more credibility, in my opinion, but that's up to you, of course. I guess the bottom line here being-if you do not feel comfortable with it, then I would say do not buy it. It would probably bother you every time you looked at it. If a person will be second guessing an item in their collection, it will never be a source of good feeling, so, as I said, trust your gut instincts!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Lakesidetrader has posted it here for review ;-
    U boat clasp - Militaria Forums

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    To me it's a good 2nd pattern frontspange, with an as already said, period added suspension hook. If this is proven a fake I for one would be more than a little suprised. Let's wait see what's said on WAF, as no one's replied as yet.
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    It looks like they agree with us over on WAF also that it's a good one....Hopefully, that should be more than plenty opinions on it.... One guy doesn't seem to like the hook being added to it, but in my eyes, it only enhances it being a genuine and worn example.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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