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U-Boot-Kriegsabzeichen help

Article about: Hi Guys I really want to start buying items form REGIMENTALS but I have found that some items are not good, such as my previous thread on an item (see below). Now i have seen another thing w

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    Well this one looks much better than that spanish cross did! I personally would prefer a makers marked badge but i think this one is ok for a non maker marked badge.

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    After all the off topic side tracking thank you Wagriff for a opinion.

    Adrian in response to your post:

    I'm never comfortable when someone says "I really want to start buying from insert name as applicable"

    My question would be: "Why do you really want to start buying from a particular dealer?"

    Surely you would buy from whoever has the item you want for your collection at the best price?
    I would like to start buying from them because i admire there stock and quality with most items. Unlike the UK in Australia there are as many Militaria dealers as you have fingers on you left hand. And most do not have websites or catalogs.

    and finally to drmessimer the picture which has the rest of the pin out of frame, it is to show the back unobstructed.

    Thanks for the support and answers.


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    Thank you for the explanation Morris, I understand your situation with lack of dealers. My post may have been read as a criticism which it was not intended so I apologise if that's how it came across. I was more interested in the collecting angle mentioned in my last sentance.

    Please don't get into a rut of nailing your colours to the mast of a particular dealer purely for convenience though. You've posted two items from Regimentals and 50% have been fake!

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    No need to apologies, Its a strange situation on this side of the equator. Thanks for your opinion on both items, the reason i would like to buy this of regimentals is i have been waiting for a nice gold U-boot badge with most of its glint.


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    Terry: The badge Tango posted is shown in 3 photos, one front and two back side. In the two-backside photos the upper photo shows a badge w/ pin, but the lower back-side photo appeared to show the badge w/o a pin. I was curious as to what happened to the pin, but on closer observation it appears that the pin is just rotated out of the way and only appears to be missing. Dwight

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