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Unique Saar badge

Article about: I have never seen this badge before. I was wondering if anyone has seen one of these? Thank you.

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    Default Unique Saar badge

    I have never seen this badge before. I was wondering if anyone has seen one of these? Thank you.
    Unique Saar badgeUnique Saar badgeUnique Saar badgeUnique Saar badge

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    Circuit advertisement Unique Saar badge
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    Unique Saar badgeUnique Saar badgeFor me personally this item is to far on the exotic sides for me.

    I saw a similar on the below link- I will also upload pics of it.

    original 1935 Third Reich Saar pin

    I do not have the expertise or knowledge to make a diffinative call on this,
    just proving in for support of discussion,

    I am also not familiar with the person running the above site. I am not attempting to endorse or defame them. just providing examples.

    There are a laundry list of differences between the too, going to need everyone else's help on this


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    Hello and thank you Gen. You are quite right, there are many difference with the badge I posted. I have seen the "tinnie" version you have posted however. This is what perplexes me, I have never seen a solid back badge version before. Perhaps it is a private purchase item for a higher official?

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    I have poked around a little.
    Response of concern
    #1 Of all examples I have found they are all tinnies. not solid and more badge like
    #2 Number stamp names no sense unless its silver which in my opioin it is not.
    #3 2 Piece Construction is almost ( but not totally ) uniform for the saar land shape. i have found no example with the saar amoeba thing welded or soldiered to the front of the badge.
    #4 The font on the above badge differs from the group.
    #5 clasp looks like dodgy
    #6 if the pin is the average size of other badges like IAB ect that means it way to big.
    #7 my gut says run

    as it turns out it seems to be a rather common badge and can be had from 50-100$

    Sturm what does this measure out at? where did you find this badge?

    something just doesn't seem right

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    As Gen indicates above, #7 would be the action
    I would take. To me, the badge has a look of
    a Floch type pin and catch.........


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    Thank you Gen, and Steve for your comments. Gen, I do not own this badge. It belongs to a dealer-friend of mine; I was considering purchasing this piece, however. He claims the mark is "935" silver, which is somewhat spurious to me as well. Thanks to your assistance, Gen, I have decided to play it safe and stay away from this badge. Thanks again.

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    Gilt plated 935 silver mark? That alone would make me pass on it...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    looks dodgy to me too.

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