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Article about: Both Ned and Templehoff are correct on this, although the LZ127 had push propellers the later model had pull props, its now just a matter as to which one was being depicted in the fantasy ba

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    P.O.S. as stated. An interesting idea - but if something like this had ever
    been produced, the badge designer would have used a 'sterile'
    un-named dirigible.........


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    big ned, i have a two-pronged recover plan. first, i'm gonna make the call that it's fake and leave it at that and second, i'm gonna stop taking naps.

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    this is for sale at auction estimate 120-160 at a "reputable " house ie lockdales makes you wonder about the experts they use!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Maybe they think Led Zeppelin is another airship too...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Man, that badge just did a Lakehurst here at the forum


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    Heheeeh ...!

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