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Article about: Hello What do you mean about this unmarked piece? Regards,Bojan

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    Default zerstorer


    What do you mean about this unmarked piece?



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    It looks like a good zinc one attributed to FLL.
    I particularly like the way the gilt was has clung on to the end of the pin.

    If my memory serves me correctly these broad pin badges are a little harder to find than the round wire examples but I am sure the KM chaps will be here shortly to put me on the straight and narrow

    All the best

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    like it very nice badge

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    Tombak or zinc?

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    Hello Bojan,
    I think it is a zinc example you have there.
    I have been doing some comparisons and I am fairly convinced that this is a badge made by FLL.
    It is in my opinion a perfect match to the tombak badges that are attributed to FLL

    Although your pictures are not very clear does your hook have an oval base plate that is soldered over?


    Doing my comparisons the die strike on the obverse matches the unknown maker (FLL) as do the cutout area at the top.
    Most FLL attributed badges have the narrow round wire pin and the one example that I found with a broad pin like yours was deemed to be a replacement but due to the gilding remaining on yours I believe that this has always been as produced. If so this would make it quite a rare badge.

    I was hoping the Norm or any of the other KM chaps would take a look.

    All the best

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    The seller wrote me,the badge is made of tombak.On the web,i didnt find any similar one.
    KM experts,please help.


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    Hello Bojan,
    If it was a zinc example it would be a rare bird indeed.
    FLLs were only ever supposed to be made in Tombak or Cupal.
    What is throwing me at the moment is the reverse side and the destroyer.
    Both areas look to have had a silver wash placed on them originally which now looks to have been absorbed.

    I think you need to get some better pictures from the seller and post them here as I am about done with what I can see at the moment

    All the best

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    is it possible,that badge was chemical cleaned?

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    Hi, I am not sure about this one, the finish certainly looks suspect to me? Best wait and see what Martin thinks, but I am not that keen on it. Leon.
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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    The badge certainly matches the design of the FLL attributed awards .

    I do admit that the finish looks too good to be true for a zinc award and the only examples I have seen of these "FLL's",both tombak and zinc feature a needle pin.

    I have never seen this type of mainpin on one of these awards before,not that they did not exist,just a first for me.

    Interesting badge,for sure.


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