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Goskhran Russia

Article about: Some Soviet orders we will newer see В Историческом музее собрана уникальная коллекция советских наград

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    Thanks for the link! Very interesting. I can't believe that they are storing these rare orders in simple cardboard boxes (you know what cardboard does to an award?) and that they hold them in their dirty, oily hands.

    By the way, they didn't identify the Order of the Red Banner of Military Valor as being Mongolian; it wasn't a republican award. And what exactly did they say about it, awarded for fighting who...? I missed that last word.

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    You are right , a journalist fantasy description or the operator shot a wrong award. It was described 'for fight of Basmachi'

    Basmachi movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Incredible collection

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    Although I could only understand about three or four words they were saying (yes, my Russian language skills are really that bad), but I was captivated by all the Red Banners and rare Mongolian Orders. I can only imagine. . . sigh. . .

    By the way, Auke, what do cardboard boxes do to Orders?

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    The acid in cardboard damages awards. There are of course different types of cardboard, but in general, avoid it. See for an example of what can happen:

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    Yikes! No more mounting of my Red Stars or other awards on cardboard then. . .
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Goskhran Russia   Goskhran Russia  

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    What is the approximate cost of the decorations Red Stars of the Bukhara, Silver Star of Armenia and badges of honour of the Central Asian republics ???

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    Judging from the asking prices posted for the New York Auction held on January 5th, 2012, I would estimate in the tens of thousands.

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    Thanks for the link. That is quite the collection, and very interesting to see.

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