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Help Needed With a "For Courage" medal

Article about: Hey Guys! Newbie here. I have this "for courage" medal (With a tank and planes on it, you know) and I'm really interested in the serial number on the reverse side. What does it mea

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    How strange your numbers are so close together. I would assume your medals issue date would be very close to his considering the circumstances, but I'm sure you already figured that out. Congrats on a very honorable badge.

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    There's a very good chance that this was awarded for a GPW-related incident. Probably for wounds received like Auke says, possibly as a catch-up award for deeds done but paperwork misplaced, or actually awarded during the war. There weren't a lot of these medals handed out in '46 or '47 that weren't GPW-related.
    Nice of your friend to give it to you. That's a good excuse to get some more information about the soldier.
    Deekay, Do you know there is a Russian website where you can look up Soldiers by name and find their military history including medals awarded?
    I don't have the link at my fingertips but I bet Auke does.

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    Sure, it's a postwar award, but these 1947 were mostly awarded for wartime deeds and wounds received during the war, sometimes going back to 1941 or 1942. You could try entering your friend's grandfather's name in ????????????? ??????????? ???? ?????????? '?????? ??????' and see what comes up - he may have received other awards during the war.

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    Thanks guys! And thank you for a very interesting website!

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