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Leningrad group

Article about: My latest Soviet acquisition appears to be a Leningrad group to one individual. I am awaiting the research to confirm everything, but in the meantime thought I would post these items. Here a

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    My guess would be a clerical error; I guess the word "Senior" is easy to forget. I also have this kind of inconsistency in a couple of my sets of research. I have one group where the record card contradicts three award sheets (Private as opposed to three times Corporal). I guess it isn't unlogical that several years after the war, when the recipient had already been decommissioned for a couple of years, some details on the record card were off. Therefore I usually tend to trust the earlier documents more, although in this case I think the clerk simply forgot the word "Senior".

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    I think that not all visitors have coped with transfer of prize paper.
    I will try to help:
    The Zaliko Kurkhuli (Georgian) worked as the leading aviation technician in Mobile aircraft repair workshops (Peredvizhnye Avia-Remontnye Masterskie) and showed the best results.
    For 1st quarter 1944 He has repaired 12 warplanes (U-2), and for all operating time - 36 planes with excellent and high quality of work.
    Besides has taught 3 junior airexpert and 1 airmechanic.
    The brigade of workers under His management during 1st quarter 1944 has executed 180% of norm.
    Has 3 commendation and 1 monetary award from chiefs.

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    Thank you for your insight and contribution, Molodes. . .

    The U-2, "Kukuruznik". . .
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Leningrad group  
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    Award Sheet

    1. Last name, name, and patrionymic: Kurkhuli, Zaliko Petrovich
    2. Rank: Guards Technical Lieutenant
    3. Duty position: Aviation Technician – 827 Mobile Aviation Repair Workshop (MARW – 3)
    Recommendation for the Order of the Red Star
    4. Born: 1913
    5. Nationality: Georgian
    6. Party membership: yes
    7. Previous combat: White Finn campaign 1939-40, 1941-1942 Northern and Volkhov Fronts, and 1943 Central Front
    8. Wounds or shell-shock: none
    9. Time in Red Army: since 1935
    10. Inducted by: Tbilisi Municipal Military Commissariat
    11. Previous awards: Medal for the Defense of Leningrad
    12. Home of record: Georgian SSR, Tbilisi, Arsenalnoe Highway #31. Father – Kurkhuli, Petr Georgievich

    Short description of personal combat feat or accomplishment

    As the Chief Aviation Technician, Comrade Z.P. Kurkhuli has displayed the best examples of work in the first quarter of 1944. He repaired twelve U2 combat aircraft and during his entire period in the MARW thirty-six aircraft with high-quality repairs. He has trained three junior aviation specialists and one aviation mechanic.
    For the first quarter of 1944, he fulfilled the brigade’s repair plan by 180%.
    Going out to the aircraft’s accident site, he conducted only good and outstanding repairs in the established period for which he received three congratulatory certificates from the MARW leadership and rifle units, as well as a cash bonus.
    For excellent aircraft repair and for overfulfillment of the 16 Air Army’s repair norms, Comrade Kurukhuli is deserving of the Order of the Red Star.

    Signed Workshop Chief, Engineer-Captain Anakhin on 23 May 1944
    Endorsed Chief of Capital Reconstruction and Repairs Section, 16 Air Army, Engineer-Lieutenant Colonel Lazarev on 27 May 1944
    Endorsed Commander, 16 Air Army, General-Colonel of Aviation Rudenko in June 1944
    Awarded the Order of the Red Star by Order 111/N of the 16 Air Army dated 22.6.1944 and verified by Air Army Personnel Officer Captain Upir on 14 June 1944.

    Award Card

    Order Booklet 595863
    1. Last name: Kurkhuli
    2. Name and patrionymic: Zaliko Petrovich
    3. Rank: Guards Technical Lieutenant
    4. Gender: Male
    5. Birthyear: 1913
    6. Birthplace: Georgian SSR, Tbilisi
    7. Party membership: yes, since 1941
    8. Education: mid-level
    9. Nationality: Georgian
    10. Time in Red Army: 25.9.1935
    11. Place of service at awarding: 16 Air Army – Repair Technician
    12. Place of work at present: Yusilertorg – Factory Chief
    13. Home address: Tbilisi, Guguretskaya #31

    14. Awards:
    Designation Serial Number Awarding Organization
    Red Star 1.120.951 16 Air Army on 22.6.1944
    Verified by military commissariat official, Major Khintibudze on 4 May 1947

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    It is a very interesting, I like the fact that it was related to aviation. I have a group of Leningrad, too. When you have time, I'll take some pictures.
    Best regards.

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    We'll look forward to it, David. . .

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