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OGIII to a Baker

Article about: Hello, Please, meet Private DOSAEV Isaak Alekseevich. Born in 1912. A Tartar by nationality (this will play a role as you read further). OGIII # 152027 According to the award registration ca

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    Default OGIII to a Baker


    Please, meet Private DOSAEV Isaak Alekseevich.
    Born in 1912. A Tartar by nationality (this will play a role as you read further).
    OGIII # 152027
    OGIII to a BakerOGIII to a Baker

    According to the award registration card he was a backer at 134 rifle division.
    Awarded CSM medal on 26 August 1943 and OGIII on 21 May 1945.

    OGIII to a BakerOGIII to a Baker

    The register card is actually a little misleading here.
    You see, by the time the veteran earned his OGIII he was in fact a rifleman at 1 company, 1 battalion, 629 rifle regiment, 134 rifle "Verdisnakya" Red Banner Suvorov order division.
    The OGIII citation reads:
    In the fight for taking village Wilmersdorf on 22 April 1945, comrade DOSAEV exhibited exceptional gallantry. He was the first one to rush into the enemy trenches and with his personal weapon eliminated 4 German soldiers, and captured 7 enemy soldiers. In this engagement comrade DOSAEV was wounded and evacuated to the hospital.
    For exhibited gallantry in the fight against the German invaders, comrade DOSAEV is worthy of order of "Glory III class”.

    OGIII to a BakerOGIII to a Baker

    629th “Regiment losses on 22.04.45: KIA - 42, WIA - 151 men.
    OGIII to a Baker

    But, then why "a backer"???
    Well, this is because previously comrade Dosaev served at a field backery at 5 artillery division.
    OGIII to a Baker

    So it is quite relevant to bring up his CSM citation. :-)
    CSM medal # 390397, 26.08.1943
    Unit: 5 Artillery Division of the Supreme Command Reserve, Central Front).
    “Comrade DASAEV occupies baker position. In his duty at the field bakery of the 5th Artillery Division RGK, he,through his persistent effort, achieved 54% backing surplus maintaining good quality of the product. This allowed for economy of 620kg of flour during June month. On top of that he saved 15kg of vegetable oil.
    Comrade DASAEV is disciplined and demanding towards himself and his subordinates. Loyal to the Party of LENIN-STALIN and to the Socialist Motherland.
    Recommended for Combat Service Merits medal.”

    That is not all. One more interesting observation here. The veteran was a Tartar. And as it quite frequent happens with documents for people of national minorities, their names get unintentionally twisted sometimes.
    F.ex. here we have three documents and three different names. The difference is not big enough for us to get confused. But it is nonetheless a good illustration.
    1. CSM citation 1943: Dasaev Isaak Aleevich
    2. OGIII citation 1945: Dosaev Iskhap Aleevich
    3. Register card 1947: Dosaev Isaak Alekseevich

    In fact, the award register card has pencil hand writing stating "the name and middle name are wrong".
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    thanks for sharing. Very interesting, I have a holder of 5 orders of the Great Patriotic War which was the subject of error in his name.
    The bakers, the cooks are often forgotten .... yet they are indispensable !!

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    Nice research and history, also very original I like it ! It's true as Philippe say that cooks, baker, medic, mechanician etc ... are mostly forgotten ...

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    Impressive research and information.. It is nice to see the stories of other countries Soldier's and their sacrifices...

    Thank you for sharing...


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    One more interesting detail is that DOSAEVs OGIII citation is signed by two HSUs.
    The first one, the 629 rifle regiment Commander HSU Colonel KORTUNOV, Aleksey Kirillovich (1907–1973).

    He was actually a remarkable man. After the war he eventually became the first Head of the Ministry for Oil and Gas Construction, the organisation known today as GAZPROM ( here is an article about him in English ).

    In fact, in 2003 GASPROM issues "Kortunov medal" ( award example ) to distinguish the best employees. Well, when they make a medal with your name, you know your life was not passed in vain.
    You can a also see Colonel KORTUNOV with his regiment banner, which sustained numerous cuts from enemy shrapnel.

    OGIII to a Baker
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