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Order of Banner Grouping

Article about: Good Evening Wonder if anyone could have a look at the attached Grouping First Order of the Red Banner

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    Thanks for the responses - much appreciated
    So it would appear that the Combat Service and Booklet are both constructed to make up the grouping.
    Would anyone be able to advise if the Red Banner and Red Star are original awards.
    Many thanks

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    The Orders of the Red Star appear genuine. I can not speak to the authenticity of the Order of the Red Banner. This appears to be a "put together" ensemble, in my opinion.

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    Agreed, red stars are good. Red banner is questionable, i don't like the back, plus enamel is all messed up, replaced? maybe...

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    I don't know about the Red Banner, the photography (that can also be seen on the back of the Red Stars) gives it an odd appearance. I have only handled a few of these so you need someone with more expertise. If you can get that question answered, to me its value is currently the value of the awards as if they were unrelated until you know more (and a zero value on the combat services).

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    Judging from these very bad pics to me both Red Stars are good. The Bravery is also good and the Red banner is most likely also good but as mentioned above, better pics are needed when wanting an opinion based on facts instead of assumptions. One needs to be able to see details and these pics don't provide that.

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    Thanks again. I'll try and get some better photos in natural light and post.

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    Good Evening
    Managed to take some photos with better light. The enamel has definitely been repaired in places at some point.Order of Banner GroupingOrder of Banner GroupingOrder of Banner GroupingOrder of Banner Grouping

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    Not one I would like to have. The serial number is messed with. Very ugly enamel repair work. But I guess the base order is original though the mintmark also looks odd. I really wonder what happened here but one thing is certain: avoid this seller like the plague!

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    I agree, the back, the serial, especially "8" and "3" look off. The metal in the centre is not smooth as one would expect. Like someone converted a screwpost order to suspension. Not something i would put my money on.

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    That was my thought as well, a screwpost converted into a suspension type, like f.e. the "Swallow tail" version orders. These have this specific kind of reverse side. But unfortunately there's more wrong here.

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