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Ushakov medal

Article about: Hi all, what do you say about this ushakov? I only got this picture. Thnx!

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    Default Ushakov medal

    Hi all, what do you say about this ushakov? I only got this picture.

    Thnx!Ushakov medal

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    Unfortunately, the one image is not enough.

    Also, a measurement (in MM) of the tablet's thickness may be necessary.
    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

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    We need much better pictures of the obverse and the reverse (not telephone quality). This is a heavily faked medal.

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    Thanks! Well, I asked the seller for better pictures but until then I do have some measurements. Weight without suspension: 31,8 gram, Hight from ring to anker 48,63 mm, width is 35,71 and the medal is 2,55 mm thick. Does this help?

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    More pictures.... Ushakov medalUshakov medalUshakov medalUshakov medalUshakov medalUshakov medal

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    Gents, any ideas?

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    I'm pretty sure it's a fake one. Many details are off. Just compare the admiral's eyes and mouth (which is supposed to be almost closed) with originals.

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    Three originals (11622, 12645, and 12723):

    Ushakov medalUshakov medalUshakov medal

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    But the serial number is the easiest giveaway if you ask me. Compare with 11622, 11716, and 11737:

    Ushakov medalUshakov medalUshakov medal

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    Thanks Auke, although I do see some resemblance with the "11622" medal regarding the serial number engraving.

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