Hello everyone,

Lately, I've got the bug for Pre-WWII campaign medals, and am happy to introduce to you all the latest, and first of many of its type, to my collection: a Navy issue 2nd Nicaraguan Campaign Medal. Aside from the amazing price I paid for it, I was very pleased to see that it is numbered with the correct "M. No ____" style. This particular medal is numbered "M.No. 2515". The pictures I'm providing aren't the greatest quality, since I'm a little shaky with my itouch. However, contrary to the pictures, the medal is in great shape, with crisp detail on both the front and back. The only cosmetic defect is that it's missing its split brooch. I have a couple of questions:

1) Would anyone be able to help identify the sailor who was issued this medal?
2) Is it worth attempting to restore with the proper split brooch?

Thank you all for looking!

Alex 2nd Nicaraguan Campaign Medal numbered2nd Nicaraguan Campaign Medal numbered2nd Nicaraguan Campaign Medal numbered