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Any relatives in the RN?

Article about: Hi Dave, that is indeed a sad story. But thanks for telling it here. Hi Stewy, you have got to research your Great Uncle! Hi Al, it is great that you have the documents and the medals That h

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    Default Any relatives in the RN?

    Hi all , any one had relatives in the Royal Navy ? I picked up this postcard/photo of HMS LEANDER off of ebay ( it is handy sometimes ) My father who was a Signalman was posted to Boston Naval Dockyard in1945 where she was being repaired after being torpedoed in the Pacific in 1943 whilst engaging the Japanese cruiser Jintsu and some destroyers for the HMNZS . she was badly damaged amidships to boileroom no.1 ( the hole was 6m x 3m ) . After good damage control limped back to Auckland and permanent repair was arranged in Boston . My father was still in America when they celebrated VJ day and i recall him telling me what a great time that was ! The ship was reverted back to British control and on the return voyage back to Britain ( via Canada to embark gold reserves ) She ended up in South Shields On the Tyne for final repairs . That was where my father ( a Londoner ) met my mum The circle of life . I still have his service paperwork and medals . Anyone else got any stories ?
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    Default Re: Any relatives in the RN

    Hi Al, thanks for sharing your Dad's story. I love these kind of threads.

    The only family I have who served in the Senior Service were my Great Uncle Dennis Stevenson who served in the RNAS in WW1. I have written about him in the WW1 forum here:

    I also had a distant relative, who was my Uncle Hugh's brother, John Howard. (I have written about Uncle Hugh on the forum here. He was married to my Dad's sister:

    John was killed in WW2 on HMS Hythe. My Uncle found it very difficult to talk about him and was alway bitter to the Germans for killing his Brother. Time did little to heal that wound. He did once tell me he got the letter while he was serving in Italy in the RAMC. He was in his tent and he got the fateful letter just prior to his unit taking part in a river crossing. My Uncle would cry when ever he talked about John. I have never seen a photo of him. My cousin has the family photo albums and there in no one in there in RN uniform.

    Here is John's entry from the CWGC site:

    CWGC :: Certificate

    His name is also recorded on our village war memorial.

    Details of his ship:

    HMS Hythe was a Bangor class minesweeper of Royal Navy during the Second World War. She was built by Ailsa Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. in Troon, Scotland and commissioned in 1941. Her pennant number was J 194.

    HMS Hythe saw service in the Mediterranean Sea during the Second World War, where she was based in Malta as part of the 14th/17th Minesweeper Flotilla. She was torpedoed and sunk by U-371 commanded by Waldemar Mehl on 11 October 1943 off Bougie, Algeria.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Any relatives in the RN

    Hi Ade , thanks for a great responce , and very interesting ! As you say , there is nothing better than finding about family history . I hope you get your uncle Hugh`s medals , my father passed on not claiming his - but on a whim in the nineties , one of my younger brothers enquired about it and we were thrilled to receive them ! ( me being the eldest son , asserted my authority to who presently has possession ) I also have his original waxed parchment service record and signalmans exam cert.

    cheers Al
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    Default Re: Any relatives in the RN

    Hi Al,i had a great uncle who went down on HMS Hood. Not researched him yet but i have his details. Stewy S

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    Default Re: Any relatives in the RN

    Hi Stewy , wow , that`s so interesting ! everyone knows the Hood , in fact when i was a kid that was the first Airfix model i ever made , i loved it ! Please get on with your research and let us know !! Quickly , i`m impatient

    cheers Al

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    Default Re: Any relatives in the RN

    Stewy , get on the HMS HOOD ASSOCIATION website , it`s great


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    Default Re: Any relatives in the RN

    Will do Al. My mum remembered when her mum,my Gran was told her brother had died. Stewy S

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    Default Re: Any relatives in the RN

    That`s a shame Stewy , one of 1,415 men Your great uncles name will be on that website !


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    Default Re: Any relatives in the RN

    My dads cousin Able seaman, Reginald Pendrill served on H.M.S, Verulam he was 21yrs old, he went through the first war with out a scratch. on Sept 3rd 1919, off Seskear Island gulf of Finland
    Verulam struck a Russian mine, the captain one officer and ninety men were saved, but sixteen officers and men were lost.
    Reg, being one of them. His name is on the war memorial at Plymouth, panal 31. Verulam was a V class Distroyer.
    The picture is a V class distroyer but Verulam was D19.

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    Default Re: Any relatives in the RN

    sad story there panzer , but nice to know he is remembered on the memorial , thanks for sharing your story ,

    cheers Al

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