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Family medals

Article about: Good morning from a very gloomy Jersey..... I'm hoping some of you could help me identify some medals that belong to my girlfriend. She doesn't know anything about them, apart from they were

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    You were only awarded the Battle of Britain clasp to be worn with the full medal if you were aircrew, lac's probably were ground crew so got nothing by way of recognition. Having said that before the airforce shook itself out and got proper trades ground crew were used as airgunners on the likes of battles and possibly bleniems on a invitation from the pilot, i'm off to bomb the boche you're coming too. But i believe by the BOB all aircrew had to be a minimum of flight sargeant there being some debate about casualties whose headstones show sargeant only they having been killed before receiving notification of rank or that the rank should have been backdated post death.

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    Even if your girlfriends Grandfather never got to fly, as a Lac on ground crew don't under estimate the perilous conditions in which these guys performed there jobs keeping the R.A.F. in the air 24/7 ,cheers,Paul by the way i,ve seen a Battle of Britain bar sold recently for 3000

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    Thankyou all once again, the help you have given has been invaluable, it prompted the misses to make a few calls to long lost family to try and heal old wounds and to try and find out a little more. One interesting point that came to light was after a phone call to a very distant uncle was that he seems to think her grandfather was an Airgunner, and some "ground trade" so kc1 you were spot on. To us keeping this memory alive and trying to track him down is very important, the things this guy had probably seen and had to cope with is just beyond belief and every effort should be made to remember them. Thanks again all, and if I "dig" up anything more I will post, just in case anybody else is interested. All the best, Steve

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