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Found out after all these years where my pops war medals are....

Article about: Makes you wonder how many medals were never issued to soldiers. I spose most soldiers just wanted to get home to a normal life with there family .

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    Default Found out after all these years where my pops war medals are....

    A few years after my pop passed away and my interest in all things WW2 i asked my nanna if she knew where my pops medals were. She couldnt remember even seeing any medals so i did a little reserch into what medals i thought he was entitled to and applied . I was expecting to get a letter saying that he was already issued them.
    I thought they would be long gone.
    I know he lied about his age and headed to Darwin in 1942 when the japanese were bombing and 6 months later him mum dobbed him in and he was sent back to Perth. he then rejoined the 3rd feild regiment untill after 1948
    Couple pictures of my Pop...

    IMG_0002 by Marc Russo (Australia), on Flickr

    My pop WW2 by Marc Russo (Australia), on Flickr

    My pop WW2 by Marc Russo (Australia), on Flickr

    IMG_0040 by Marc Russo (Australia), on Flickr
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    I get home yesterday to find an letter from the Department of defence.

    I was so interested to see there findings....
    Its starts off saying that he doesnt qualify for the 1939-45 star as The bombing of Darwin wasnt classed as a theater of war ( damm)
    But it does say the following...

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    In pops last few years with us he was telling me he wished he still had his slouch hat from his days in the army. I cant understand why he never got his medals. Makes me wonder how many other familys could have unissued medals ready for there family members efforts

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    Australian war medal 1939-1945..

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    Australian service medal 1939-1945

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    The Australian defence medal

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    Those are nice,good on you for applying for them.

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    Wow...that would, indeed, explain the mystery of where they went! They never Were! I'll assume you broke a leg getting the form back in the mail to apply for them? It will be great to finally have them "home" where they belong! Great luck!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Thanks guys, its now 8.57am forms filled out but need a justice of the peace to witness the signing of the stat deck. Will be posted by 1pm
    I will also get a set of minatures

    - - ------- - -

    Still a bit annoyed that while the bombing of darwin went of for quite some time ( yrs) it isnt classed as a theater of war.

    Apparently more bombs were dropped on Dawin than Pearl Harbour...Obviously not as devestating but still many deaths and a hardcore invasion.
    Bombing of Darwin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    All signed and back in the mail off to Dept of defence Canbarra!
    Now the waiting game

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