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Found Purple heart In Garbage!!!!!!

Article about: I cant believe this. My friend is a Garbage man. He went to a dumpster in Downtown and He saw this in the garbage. He gave it to me and Is there a way to locate this Family since there is a

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    Quote by sargetom View Post
    A friend of mine had the same experience several years ago, found not only a Purple Heart but several other medals. If I'm not mistaken, the fact that the medal is named means that the soldiers died as a result of his wounds. Here is a link to a story about a Captain in the Vermont National Guard who reunites families with found Purple Hearts, perhaps he could help:Captain's mission: Reunite Purple Heart medals with recipients' families - The Daily Nightly
    I think it is named on the back of the box. Not engraved on the medal itself. But I could be wrong
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Quote by MrPotts View Post
    Thanks everyone for the reply s. I'll do my best to find this person. I don't know if it's post world war 2 ribbon

    That is great to hear and I just checked a reference on it and it is slot brooch type II or III from 1942-45. So WW2 time frame. Are there any numbers stamped on the rim?

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    Thanks for looking into this. So it is a ww2 one? That's neat. I don't see any numbers on this at all...

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    Found Purple heart In Garbage!!!!!!Oh crap! there is a serial number on there! I see it, it was really small. it says 373271

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    The way the medals ribbon is attached to the pin is referred to as a slotted brooch. The ribbon goes thru a slot in the back plate, In the later type IV the ribbon is crimped to the back plate.

    The number was a manufacturers serial number. It would tell who made the medal. There were hundreds of thousands of these made and the were used during the following wars,
    I'm quoting this.
    "No Purple Hearts were manufactured for the Army for 25 years after WWII. In anticipation of the invasion of Japan, approximately 500,000 Purple Hearts were manufactured. This stock lasted through the Vietnam War."

    I want credit to go where credit is due. Here is the site I am getting this info from. I just had is saved to my Fav's and had to wait until I got home from work to access it.


    Semper Fi

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    You got that post in while I was typing. I'm a single digit finger picker.
    So it looks like you have a PH Manufactured by Rex Products Company
    So type II 42-43 time frame!!!!Way to save a true WW2 piece of history. Congrat's
    Semper Fi

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    Thanks Phil for the info. I read the serial ones are early ma De? You guys are great with help

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    According to the link, six digit awards were
    1942 to 1943 only.........


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    "I read the serial ones are early ma De?"

    Maybe I missed something or it's a typo/language barrier, But what is ma De?????

    "You guys are great with help"

    Yes they are!!!! There is a fantastic group of serious collectors with a vast amount of knowledge ,willing to share their experience,that would normally take you a lifetime to gain! That just humbles me and I am thankful just to be in their presence. It is like having the Oracle at your finger tips. That is why this IS THE BEST SITE ON THE WWW. for collectors .

    Semper Fi

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    its a good site for sure.

    do these things have value? I will never sell it, I would give it to the v.a. hospital before I ever would do it. I just don't know if there is a market because you cant sell these correct? I know the medal of honor you cannot sell legally

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