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A little bit old..but still very nice.Have a look.

Article about: Hello everybody here is an older than usual medal we get on here!. It is a nicely named Crimea Medal with the Sebastopol clasp/bar..As my collecting takes me of in many angles I have decided

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    Nice looking medal Steve..Normally Royal Marines are not named but you seem to have 1 which is a bonus.....Nice looking medal as far as British Cmapagin Medals go...What's next ? Cheers Terry.

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    As far as British medals go, not sure - probably a RN Reserve LS
    or Royal Fleet Reserve. I like the look of these as well,
    and they are affordable. You.........?
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Name:	.1 Royal Naval Reserve.jpg 
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    The Victorian Brits have so Many superbly designed medals, it's very difficult to choose a favorite. I think I could quite easily go broke or insane(if such is still possible, of course...)trying to collect a specimen of each! If I Had to say, though....2 stand out as awesome. Top of the list, I think, are the Anglo-Zulu South African Campaign medals with the defending lion standing over a pile of Zulu spears and shields and followed a close second by an Almost British medal-the 1896 Rhodesia British South Africa Company Medal. Not Strictly British, I know, but the image of the huge enraged maned Lion with a spear in his chest and leaping to do battle is one of the best medal designs that I think I've ever seen.

    Name:  zulu.jpg
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Name:	british_south_africa_company_re.JPG 
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    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Steve I don't think I have seen that medal before!! Looks good though...I will need to look into that 1. As for medals you could start a whole new field with British awards..Now my favourite medals have to be the MM Military medal,DCM Dis conduct medal & MC..all very nice looking medals & just about affordable...Maybe not the DCM..could cost a thousand pounds or more but the other 2 go for half decent prices..I will collect them slowly so watch this space over the next 30 years lol.. Cheers Terry.

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    Indeed, the MC is one of the most beautiful British awards.
    One I don't have as yet, at least not a genuine piece.

    Before you know it, you'll end up with a tray full:
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    There all ways one lol.. Love the collection Steve..MM is such a nice looker in my eyes.. Is yours marked up..?. WW1 too?...I need to get one for my collection .. So much to buy & not enough money lol... Thanks for showing a very impressive collection... Cheers Terry.
    p.s up close up's of the MM would be nice if you have time? Thanks again Terry.

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    Hi Terry. The MM is to: '165797 SPR. L/Cpl. A. (Alfred) Thornhill, R.E.'
    and he was with '2nd Field Survey Battalion, ( Stratford )'.
    I got this medal in a trade.........
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    Steve a very nice medal indeed I do have a soft spot for these awards. I think they just look top dollar..with the very nice swing arm & the coloured ribbon. Thanks for showing very nice.. Cheers Terry.

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