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Looking for PFC Luther Evans Purple Heart

Article about: I would like to get the Purple Heart that was given to Luther Evans family . I know his family personality. I would like to give to his 88 year old sister Marie . Who ever has it please mess

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    And when the person that has the ph responds I can provide the documents showing that I am telling the truth . I just don't wanna release it on here in fear of someone getting the info and trying to get the ph for themselves . I can assure you that I'm not trying to con the man out of it or rob him . I understand that you guys have a lot money tied up in your relics . I'm just trying to be nice and help this family out . If someone could help and contact Jody for me it would be greatly appreciated


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    Private Message Jody. If he wants to part with the PH and sell it to you-then fine. If not....end of story. Do Not try to lay guilt trips or get angry if he doesn't. It's his prerogative and his alone. I once had a Full set Ritter Kreuz with oaks,swords and leather case with document and folder. If the recipient had still lived and wanted me to send it to him, he would have been sorely disappointed.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Man I'm new to this . I've sent a friend request and still haven't gotten approved . And I won't get angry or lay a guilt trip if he doesn't want to part with it . Like I said I'm a good easy going person and I understand how much time and money you have in collecting. And I can provide document showing where the family was notified when Luther was MIA and I'm sure his sister still has the letters that he sent her and pics of him . Again sorry for all the trouble

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    "I've sent a friend request"
    Why this request and not a PM(Private Message) to jody?
    Not everybody is on the "Lets be friends bandwagon"
    Send him a PM and that way you can have a PRIVATE discussion about this matter and there wont be 4 pages of replies that start off with "MAN".
    OK DUDE!
    Just my 2 centavos on this thread!

    Semper Fi

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    I'm not familiar with how this works but I did send a pm to him a little while ago , After I figured out how to and that I didn't have to be friends with him to send a pm . Again I am sorry for bothering everyone and sorry for all the trouble. Sorry Phil

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    No Harm No Foul. Good Luck and Good Night Dusty.

    Semper Fi

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    Thank you sir and a good night to you as well .

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    And with that.........


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    Doesn't the military reissue PH's to families under certain circumstances? Seems like I've heard families are entitled to replacements. Not sure if you have to pay for them, but a military reissue would be a more official way of restoring the medal to the family if the original is not available. Might be worth checking into anyway. After all, the honor is in the sacrifice, not the shiny metal ornament which represents it.

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    Not sure what the issue is with Dusty's request. You have a representative of the family, seeking to restore the Purple Heart back to the family. Regardless of how it left the family, there's no reason why the family can't make this request, or want it restored. It is, as has been stated, the present owners obligation to do as he pleases, though.

    The caveat being, these items have a monetary value in the collectors world. I'm sure Jody invested money into the purchase of the medal, and potentially into the research of the veteran. I think if the family wanted the medal back, and the medal was put into the collectors world in a valid manor (father gave away/sold the medals; they were not stolen with a police report to back it up), then the family should have no problem offering to recoup Jody's expenses, or paying FMV, whatever Jody decides. Especially considering there is always the potential, no matter how much they say they won't, for the family to turn around and sell the item. It's happened in the past, and I defer to this thread on USMF which discusses this very topic giving real world examples:

    When the Family comes calling......... - MISC / UNKNOWN - U.S. Militaria Forum

    Me personally, if one of my family members military items came to light in a collectors hands, I would offer three times the FMV to have it back, but that's me, and not applicable to everyone else.

    The assumption should not be that a collector should feel obligated to give the item back because it's the right thing to do. This is the collectors choice to make, and there is no right or wrong choice. Majority of our collections entered the collectors world because the family parted ways with said items; some given away by the vets themselves. Many collectors spend a considerable amount of money on their collections, to include the items, research, storage, display and preservation. It wouldn't be fair to assume because there is a relationship to the individual, that I'm obligated to turn it over to you. In many cases, a collector will care for the items, and honor the vet, more so than the family.

    Using a classic car as an example, if I tracked down the 1968 Ford Mustang that was purchased by my grandfather brand new, and wanted to be the owner of that car, I would expect to pay. There's no obligation for the current owner to just give it to me.

    Obviously a Purple Heart has a deeper meaning behind it, but at the end of the day, it's a piece of property, same as the Mustang.

    And so you don't think I'm talking out of my a$$, I've returned items to family members in the past. In some cases, I asked to be recouped my investment, in others, I gave it back to them at no cost. It's a case by case scenario, depending on the item, value, etc.

    My two pesos, for what it's worth.

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