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My Friends Father.........

Article about: A link to the citation that won Captain Wilkin his MC: Italy was a tough campaign.........

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    Default My Friends Father.........

    Captain John Wilkin served in WWII with the 'Lord Strathcona's Horse'
    ( Royal Canadians ), and won the Military Cross for his performance
    at the Fosso Munio river in Italy, December 20th 1944.

    On November 13th 1945, he was presented his medal in person
    by King George VI. There were only 678 MC's awarded to
    Canadian soldiers in WWII. Sadly, John Wilkin passed
    December 9th 2013.........


    1 - Captain Wilkin - 1st on left - with the LAD ( Light Aid Detachment )
    he commanded,
    2 - Celebrating his MC with his tank crew and a bottle of vino.
    3 - Captain Wilkin - front row, 2nd on right - with tanks
    'Ram' and 'Rod' - Holland 1945,
    4 - Captain Wilkins' medals,
    5 - In uniform at war's end with 'Royal Canadian Electrical
    & Mechanical Engineers' ( RCEME ) insignia,
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My Friends Father.........   My Friends Father.........  

    My Friends Father.........   My Friends Father.........  

    Attached Images Attached Images My Friends Father......... 


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    Steve sorry to hear of your friends lose. It was great of you to post a little of his history. Gary

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    Thanks Gary. I met him a couple of times, and he once told me
    about a jeep he was 'issued' that he accidentally set on fire,
    lol - but I only found out he had won the Military Cross
    last week.

    Thanks Rick, for permission to share his pics here.


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    Default MC winner. Now there was a man who was not "just there"...this man was a dyed blue Hero! So many of the "Great Generation" are fading now....Can you imagine the stories this man could have told? But so many of them chose to simply go home and live their lives quietly and try to forget the chaos and Hell that they saw and were part of. And now one more will never tell us what we can only flatly read about in books and online. It's hard for us to imagine Not having WWII Vets around. Just like we could never picture the last of the WWI boys to be gone, but gone they are, and the WWII generation is quickly following after them, with ever increasing speed. Already, what they saw and did is greying into legends,myths and distortions. Memories are lost forever. Always a terrible loss. And the death of a Hero is never a light one.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Thanks for your comment William.

    These are the men who fought and died for the relative peace
    we enjoy today. It's late now, and we'll never be able to
    repay them or thank them enough for what they did,
    but we will always remember them.........


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    Another Great Gone!
    So Sorry to hear that he passed away.
    Always Remember, Never Forget

    Semper Fi

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    A good man gone.
    He lived his life well.

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    And the world loses another hero, what a shame. RIP

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    Rest in peace for a recognized warrior, I hope he lived a life of happiness and peace, Lest we forget these individuals.

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    Thanks for sharing his bravery here.

    Cheers, Ade.
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