Hey Guys,
split posted between here and the gold forum- didn't really know best to place to post.
Very good lucky Auction Score. These are going to the Vault today. I guarantee you will not come across these any time soon.
It Turns out its a Security Badge for NASA Facilities Late 1950's Early 1960's. The Escort Badge is for a hat. With Badge, Hat and Tie clip and cuff links its all part of one guys uniform. These comes up from time to time, but never in a group plus the badge number is the lowest I have seen. I am going to find some period pics at some point. I was messing around also on some effects. But really cool stuff is out there if you look. Anyone collect space related items on here? As to size the badge is a little larger then a Luftwaffe Belt buckle. Now If I can find a decent SS or SA at auction

for site members use the pics all you want, outside interests ( and they do) your on warning.
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