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Period Items?

Article about: by Blitzkrieg Bop What are back lights? I've heard you guys reference them a lot. Thanks for the feedback too. A "Black Light" is one of those light bulbs that is "purple colo

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    Talking Period Items?

    Hey guys, just picked these up yesterday 10 dollars for the lot. I looked the good conduct medal in my book, and is worth about 25if it is real. But there is the thing...are they real/period items. Any info is always appreciated.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Period Items?   Period Items?  

    Period Items?   Period Items?  

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    Default Re: Period Items?

    I have these same items and they were issued to me from the 70's to the 80's. Not sure if they were the same in WWII.

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    Default Re: Period Items?

    the two patches and ribbon bar look ok to me....but im not sure about the medal as I am no good at identifying medals. But i do know that they reproduced the good conduct medals as i have seen at a gun show and on various websites. Some1 here should be able to tell you if its good

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    It is a WWII era good conduct medal. The slot brooch is the telltale sign. After the war the design was changed, but I don't know exactly when. That is one way to tell quickly if a medal is from the war or not.

    For all depends. If I could get $15 each for my GCMs I would be happy, but they are so common they are very easy to acquire. If the medal was complete with the box and lapel pin I would say $15, but for yours with the ribbon perhaps $10. I don't know about the tabs. The easiest way to tell, but not foolproof is put a blacklight to it and see if the white glows.


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    Default Re: Period Items?

    I think you got it pretty good for $10


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    Default Re: Period Items?

    You'd be lucky to even get $10 for the GCM. Almost every lot of US medals I've purchased has one thrown in the mix. In 2 years of collecting, I've acquired 7. I'm amazed you say they reproduce these, Panzer, considering they are so common.

    Still though, they are a good piece to have in any collection as they represent the service of an individual to our country, whether in War time or not. $10 for the lot is not bad at all if the Airborne patches are original. They appear to be unissued and judging by condition, I want to say they are most likely not WWII era. A black light will confirm as Mike has stated...

    Anyway you look at it, you're not in the hole any big amount of money, so as I said, not bad for $10....

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    Default Re: Period Items?

    To add, I believe the Good Conduct medals are more valuable if they are inscribed on the back with the indiviudals name. This was normally done privately, if I'm not mistaken. Unfortunately, none that I have are.

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    Default Re: Period Items?

    What are back lights? I've heard you guys reference them a lot. Thanks for the feedback too.

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    Default Re: Period Items?

    That would be a black light. To make it short, you can hold a patch under a blacklight and if the white thread glows bright it is made with synthetic thread which as a rule of thumb tells you that it was made after WWII. Or, it helps to identify fake patches made to look original (ie. German breast eagles)

    I had a box of a couple hundred mixed patches and I went through them with the light pulling out all the WWII vintage pieces so I could sell them for a slightly higher price than the others at my last couple garage sales.

    Attached is photo of a German cap eagle and cockade under a blacklight. Notice the cockade on the right glows much brighter than the one on the left. At least for German pieces, that might indicate it is a late war made piece (the eagle on this does not glow) or it is a fake.

    I hope that helps out.

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    Default Re: Period Items?

    Oh and another thing to look for on GCMs is a serial number. Early in the war they put a serial number on the edge at the 6 o'clock position. These are more desirable just like the named medals. But I would say 90% of the GCMs out there are the standard ones like yours.

    Here is a serial numbered medal I had sold a month or so ago.

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