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question about Medal Of Honor

Article about: Hello I saw a MOH with a maker mark L.I.G.I. is this mark WW2 or post-war ? how is a value of this non attributed medal with box? thanks for answers cordially Didier

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    Hello Ned
    excuse my bad english
    I apologise, I did not want to hurt you
    I just wanted informations about the mark and the value, it is a misunderstanding
    sorry again

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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    I believe, however, that the SVA is currently being legally challenged and is under review for possible altering. As said above, as it now stands, many a long time collector is in violation and is breaking a Federal law by being so. I imagine that such review and revisions would involve a lengthy period of time to polish and refine,however. One has to wonder if there are Any new laws that get passed correctly the first time. Doesn't anyone ever Review these things before passing them?
    It may be under review, however the liklyhood that it would be amended to allow an individual To own the medal if not a recipient or descendant of one is very slim. I'm sure the CMOH society would make it a hard time for any person or group trying to do so. The average citizen doesn't understand that the intent of most collectors is to preserve the history of the medal and the person awarded it, if in their collection. This makes it hard for anyone to argue the case, especially since that person could be considered unpatriotic. For a senator, this of course wouldn't help their image.

    What is being contested, however, is a freedom of speech issue. There was a recent case where an individual ( a Marine) claimed to be a medal of honor recipient, when in fact he wasn't. Local courts ruled in his favor however it is currently under review by the Supreme Court. The key issue at hand is where does one draw the line with respect to the SVA and freedom of speech? Should it be considered a federal crime if an individual states they were a MOH recipient, even if they say so for no gain and because they are not proud of their own accomplishments? People lie all the time to make others think of them in a higher regard. It may be unethical, but we're treading on a very thin line between restriction on our freedom of speech.

    With that said, the SVA may be amended depending on the Supreme Court's ruling in this case. However, I don't think any language in the law will be removed or modified to make it legal for any US citizen to own one if not obtained legally.

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    Hello, In 1995 i was a co-promoter of the military show in Totowa,N.J. where a dealer was arrested for selling the MOH...Here is part of the newspaper story that i hope will have some of your questions answered......DAVE H
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture question about Medal Of Honor   question about Medal Of Honor  

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    I have had the honor of meeting several MOH recipients, they are, in my opinion, always humble and ordinary men who say that they didn't do anything that any other soldier or Marine wouldn't have done in the same situation.

    I have also had the extreme honor of actually holding several Medals of Honor and when you feel the MOH in your hand and the ribbon between your fingers, a chill runs down your spine and a welling fills your heart.

    No one "wins" the CMH. It is "awarded" for "conspicious gallantry above and beyond the call of duty at the peril of the life of the recipient".

    The last person I met was a Sargent who was awarded the CMH for going to the rescue of a fellow wounded soldier who had been captured by the Taliban and was probably going to be executed as an example. He single handedly charged the enemy, outnumbered 10+ to 1, and recovered his Squadmate and returned him to safety. The soldier he rescured later died of his wounds but in the safety and care of his mates, not the enemy.

    His comment to me was "I'm not a hero, just a soldier. You should see the other guys in my outfit, they are the real heroes".

    I am the proud Uncle of two fine young men who are presently serving their country and in harm's way. One is a Sargent with the "All American" 82nd Airborne Division and one is a Lt JG with the US Navy.

    I say a prayer for them every night, that they come home to us when their service is done.

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    Mr. Dirt,

    Is the Sergeant you are referring to the first living soldier awarded the MOH since the Vietnam war?

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