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US ARMY AIR FORCE PILOT WINGS- are these sterling?

Article about: hi guys are these from ww2 and are they sterling silver? they are not marked.

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    Default US ARMY AIR FORCE PILOT WINGS- are these sterling?

    hi guys are these from ww2 and are they sterling silver?

    they are not marked.

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    Im pretty sure it has to be marked sterling to be silver. There are some very rare cases where its silver and it won't be marked, though i don't think this is the case. I believe your wings are post WWII. Especially because of the clutch back. Others will confirm or correct me, as I'm not 100% sure, but unmarked and clutch back is an indicator of post WWII. Still a great pair of wings!

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    that was what iam thinking too,

    i just did a acid test for silver and it is showing they are 925 silver, but being unmarked is weird

    could be silver filled?

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    I cannot imagine why or how these wings would be official issued sterling silver wings without the silver content being marked. There is no makers name or mark either. Our moderator "Walkwolf" (Steve) is the man to ask here-as wings are his central focus and his collection of wings is, to say the least, considerably huge! Let's wait and see what he has to say on these!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Very odd. If its ever silver filled they definitely mark it, so people don't confuse it with 100% silver. Walkwolf will know. Just because a wing is silver and pin back (or clutch back) does not mean its WWII era. I can't give you a sound judgment, sorry

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    There were clutch back type's wings during WW2. Could you post a pic of the face of the clutch's. Those also can be dated by there appearance. There is one on this forum who I would call Sensei about these and he is Walkwolf.
    I am very curious about this type also. I pulled a set just like this off of a AAF uniform.
    Semper Fi

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    clutch backs are 2 diffrent in the naming
    dark one has sterling PAT NO'5

    and the other one has PAT NO'5

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    It seems we have the same clutch's also. Both made in 1943
    Here is a great site to date clutch's
    Dating Metallic Insignia: Clutch Fasteners
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    Semper Fi
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    thanks guys

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    It's odd though that we have the same set of wings and they BOTH have the different clutch's(1 Brass&1 Sterling). they are made by the same company "Ballou"
    I would think that they would have the same type of clutch on them.
    I would like to hear what Steve has to say.
    Semper Fi

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