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US Aviation Wings 3"

Article about: Great set of service wings on the right einflieger! what is the maker? Walkwolf I love your collection my favorite wing has always been the flight engineer! it is a very art deco design. Do

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    'One question for you. Are any of your wings marked "coin silver" ? I have only a few wings and one is marked that way and was wondering if the coin silver type are uncommon or not.............'

    Sorry for the huge delay, Josey, if I haven't already replied to your question earlier,

    Wings marked 'Coin Silver' are not that common, and are known as
    the 'Juarez' pattern. Two I have of the same large and unusual
    design are only marked 'Sterling'.

    If anyone is interested in U.S. wings - or any military wings,
    there is a really great site: ' ww2wings ' which shows
    many types from many countries...........


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    US Aviation Wings  3"
    My son recently received this pin from my father's widow for his 21st birthday. Since he is in the Airforce, we were hoping to try and find out where this came from. Hoping someone can help us. the back has "Bomisa Milano" stamped on it

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    Sweetheart wings?

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    That would be my guess as well. Are they 2" in width ? Interesting because
    they are an American design, but made in Italy.........


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