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US Medal Bars For Reveiw

Article about: Hello, this is the last thread I’m going to post I promise, I meant to post these with the US medals but I couldn’t find them at the time, as I always say any help is appreciated. There are

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    The wide ribbons ( you have a WWI victory and an EAME version) were worn by the Navy and Marine Corps. Sailors and Marines could wear either or but the army was not authorized to wear the wide version I believe they did away with the wider ribbons soon after WWII.

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    Ah, now I see, there are no markings under the clutch, any marked bars are the ones with up close images of just one bar front and back.

    I don’t think I will need any identification because on the link Phil gave, but maybe the age of a few if possible.

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    The ribbons with the zinc backs are of WWII vintage and the ones with brass are newer ranging from the 50s to modern production. Most of the ribbons that correspond with medals from your previous thread are going to be from the same era.

    All of the “ribbon stacks” are new (1980s-present) with the exception of the one covered in thin plastic. That one is from WWII. You commonly find ribbons from WWII covered in plastic.

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    Thanks for the correction “Ribbon Stack”, I honestly forgot what they were called. Also thanks for the info on dating them.

    With all the information you guys have given I believe that’s all I will need. If you need any more pictures or have questions feel free to ask. Thanks again and good night!


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    The guys answered most of your questions about the ribbons.. You have a nice 3 place ribbon bar for the Merchant Marine as well as a 2 place 1/2 inch size ribbon bar for the Merchant Marine. You have also some common US Armed forces ribbon bars.. The Merchant Marine Ribbons are not as easy to find. The wider 1/2 inch ribbons are made by a company known as Wolf Brown. This firm made wider ribbons for use by the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine.. They were most common with these branches of the Armed Services, but in some very rare occasions they were worn by Army personnel, although this was not a common practice but in some cases where Army Forces were assigned to a Marine or Naval base and the Army personnel were in lesser numbers they would have to wear the wider 1/2 inch ribbons.. I have a few Army uniforms from personnel assigned to Naval Bases that wore the wider ribbons on their uniforms...

    The Merchant Marine ribbons you have are the Red and pinkish ribbon (Merchant Marine Atlantic Zone) The Merchant Marine Combat Action Ribbon (Ribbon with the horizontal blue and red bars) and the Mediterranean/Middle Eastern Zone (Multi colored blue white red yellow green white ribbon)..

    A nice assortment of ribbons..


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