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US Medal Collection For Reveiw

Article about: Hello, I have these US medals and when I bought them I would of been between to age of 6-11. I am still a younger collector but have moved on the Third Reich items. I have little to no knowl

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    Thank you for taking shots of the backs of the medals.. They have helped determine what era they were produced...

    You got some great information from MAP and 08SMLE48..and the information about the types of suspensions, slot brooch, wrap brooch, split brooch well as the markings on the backs.. Graco, LG 21 (Lordship Industries) and some of the other markings that would be common on US Medals...

    I will add that the boxed US Mint American Campaign Medal is a good set to have. The US Mint medals are desirable among US medal collectors due to the fact that the US Mint is known for producing currency and other monetary related items and it was contracted by the military to produce campaign medals.. When you have a US mint medal next to another medal from a different manufacture you can see the high quality the US mint medal is in the details...

    I have several US Mint examples in my medal collection and compared to other manufacturers the quality is above all others. I also believe that the US Navy and Marine Corps and Coast Guard had the US mint Contract,, so the Army did not receive any US Mint made medals,, or at least none that I am aware of...
    These Boxed complete US Mint medal sets average about $25-35 dollars...

    So you have some WW2 era medals in the bunch which is great, (The Good Conduct Medals) the American Campaign Medal by the US mint) ….the others are also desirable though and the prices that were quoted are accurate too..

    I am not knowledgeable about British Decorations so I look forward to seeing them and sitting back and reading from the other members who specialize in them...


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    Quote by MAP View Post
    Actually just my IE Explorer froze....but I lost everything I wrote so had to retype it. LoL

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    G'day Bodhi nice collection there, my lot is small, so it's nice to see yours.

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