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US Medals

Article about: Can someone give me info on this medals? Also do they have any value? Thanks

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    Default US Medals

    Can someone give me info on this medals? Also do they have any value?

    US MedalsUS MedalsUS MedalsUS MedalsUS MedalsUS MedalsUS MedalsUS Medals

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    The first one is an US World War II victory medal and the second one is the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign medal. They are quite common and there is not a lot of value in them. Still beautiful pieces though

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    1st medal WWII medal. issued post war, replacement.
    2nd Europeam African middle east medal, issued to us troops in those campaigns.
    Value. i would say 5$. Very commen medals in USA, The WWIImedal would have little more value if it WWII issue.

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    Hi there,top is victory medal and bottom is as stated European,African,Middle eastern campaign medal,victory medals sell for bout $25-$50 depending on condition/provenance etc USD and campaign medals bout $10-$25 depending on the same..

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    Thanks How do i tell if they are from ww2?

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    The differences in the victory medal,WW2 has thin white strip down outer edge of ribbon,block on top of medal for ring is considerably shorter than replacement and no recessed ring on outer edge of reverse face,pinback fixing is a little different as well having stitching holes to secure the ribbon rather than postwar crimped fitting as for campaign medal im not 100% sure..never owned an original

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    US Medals

    Here is some originals still in the boxes,


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    Quote by viglenn89 View Post
    Thanks How do i tell if they are from ww2?
    have a look here this may help

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    Wow sometimes takes along time for messages to come through....there were no replies up when i first posted but 2 more popped up in front of mine after...

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    ok thanks

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