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US Silver Star Medal - Latest pick up.........

Article about: A recent purchase, this medal has the typical slotted brooch, but is it actually WWII era or is it later.........?

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    Thanks Joe. I don't see them too often either so had to
    go for it - Lol, now I just need a matching lapel device
    and an original box.........


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    Nice medal...these are great....took me a long while to pick a numbered full wrap around you have to pick up a turns up every 3 weeks or so on the ebay....
    Normally lots of bids...but just go for working on a deal at the moment 2 stars, numbered around 50,000 to 55,00 also a mini ww2 issue fingers crossed...

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    Great condition silver star you have there Steve,good one indeed......

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    Thanks again. I saw a WWII box that ended this week,
    but for me, with the current exchange rate, it would
    have been over $80.........!


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