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Very neat little pin !

Article about: ..has anyone see one of these?iam sure many were handed out..thanks

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    Default Very neat little pin !

    ..has anyone see one of these?iam sure many were handed out..thanks
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Very  neat little  pin !   Very  neat little  pin !  

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    This was out of robert f. Maxwell's estate as he was in the navy and just passed away as its him in the navy picture as iam getting things more put together..

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    This is a private purchase item Pammy. It is possible that the star is silver
    and has tarnished with age. (although from the note it may not be the
    case here) A silver star represents the rank of General in the US Army
    but in the US Navy, the star represents a Rear Admiral.
    The handwriting does look like it could be written by an older person
    who is recalling what they remember............

    I had one of these twisted wire pins that was with my dads things,
    without the star, that read 'Ethel'. I think I tossed it out because
    the clasp on the back was missing. I later bought a US pilot
    wing from Ebay with 'Carl - Ethel' inscribed on the back.
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    Default Re: Very neat little pin !

    Thanks steve,i think its a very neat item as they wrote down all the info on the card ..iam glade you got one to replace the one you tossed!thanks steve my camera is still down as these are pictures that were stored but the case has the maker on it.take care and thank you steve.

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