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World War 2 War Stars so far!! & some others!!

Article about: Hello Ladies & Gents I have gone off at another angle with my collecting in the last few weeks.. I have been adding some 57 awards & now it seems to be British Campaign Medals..I hav

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    nice collection, thanks for sharing, these are my dad's stars and others,
    cheers, john.World War 2 War Stars so far!! & some others!!

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    A very nice collecton John.. & 100 % better being that they are your fathers.. Thanks for sharing Terry.

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    Nice collection you have there Terry. I am especially liking the India GSMs. The Afghanistan clasped one is of particular interest. Are they named? Cheers.

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    Yeah James they have Indian soldiers names on the side. I haven't had a chance to research them yet or indeed look at them lol ....I will one day when I get a chance. Cheers Terry.

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    Hi Terry, Nice stars. I have a few however I try and get them as part of a group including a named medal ( Gsm, lsgc etc ) as I find it frustrating not to be able to do at least some research on the awardee.

    I really like your indian gsm. I have been thinking for a while that an interesting field for a collection would be the UK's long involvement in Afghanistan.

    All the best


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    Thanks Robin always a pleasure sir....I just had an idea of collecting all of the British Campaign Medals from 1815 to date!! I probably won't happen because of money & time but like the Missus says it's filling up the War Room & keeps me out of I need to slwo down on collecting so I thought I would go for the reasonabled priced 1s first!!!..Then when I win the lottery the whole lot... Cheers Terry.

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    Here you Ladies & Gents my latest two medals.. Italy Star & New Zealand War Medal..I should think that will be it for this month skint now & thanks for looking Cheers Terry. World War 2 War Stars so far!! & some others!!World War 2 War Stars so far!! & some others!!World War 2 War Stars so far!! & some others!!World War 2 War Stars so far!! & some others!!World War 2 War Stars so far!! & some others!!World War 2 War Stars so far!! & some others!!

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    You have a nice collection Terry but these are very additive to collect.......thanks for showing.........Jake.

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    Too late Jake I'm already hooked lol.. I will keep posting as I collect them.. Cheers Terry.

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