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WW2 Military Cross Grouping

Article about: by big ned Why not try approaching the Royal Engineers Museum. I know they like donations at these places, but perhaps sufficient funds could be raised by their membership if they're interes

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    Quote by big ned View Post
    Why not try approaching the Royal Engineers Museum. I know they like donations at these places, but perhaps sufficient funds could be raised by their membership if they're interested enough to purchase the group at a mutually agreed price.

    Afterall, the offers he's apparently had so far are not really good enough by a long chalk, so perhaps an agreement can be reached that is a little more practical without being too high. He did say he wants the collection to stay together so perhaps he would show willing and be prepared to take a sum that is not beyond the museums means. Where else could be a better place to own and display his fathers medals and other items than this?

    Royal Engineers Museum & Library, Gillingham, Kent

    You know it makes sense, but is he so inclined to feel the same?

    Regards, Ned.
    Hi Ned, i will forward that link onto him and see what he thinks. I bet he hadnt even thought that he could get some form of money from a museum. I thought the previous offers he has had were ridiculously low, but i might be wrong.

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    Hello Vicky this lot go in the end??.. Cheers Terry.

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    Hi Terry, I can speak on behalf of Vicky and say that we don't know the outcome of this one. If they were sold I hope they went to a good home.

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    Okay James it I was looking through MC's like you do & saw this thread. I am hopefully going to be adding a GV WW1 MC to my collection in the next couple of months thats why I was looking at MC threads.. Enjoy the Bank holiday. Cheers Terry.

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    Look forward to seeing it Terry

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    Hi, I've just read all the posts regarding this group. I was the one who actually bought it in the end, after lots of emails and phone calls, yes as pointed out there were no named medals, but all the original paperwork was there from the day he joined as a private in 1939 until he retired as an officer in the early sixties.
    There's even his dog tags, his service book, loads of photos and maps and the final thing being the order of service at his funeral.
    It was actually his daughter that was selling the collection and yes it did go to a good home and is in my collection where it will stay, along with other gallantry groups on WW.1 & WW.2. So there was an happy ending to it all.
    On a similar note, I was once at an auction and had gone to buy a family group of 2. Brothers WW.1 one killed and other a pow, then their 2. Sons WW.2 one survived and one killed, every letter, photo, paper cuttings medals etc was there. A woman was at the auction and said she wanted it so she could split it into several lots and sell it all on eBay. Luckily I bought it and it's still together in my collection. Lots of so called collectors are in this just to get as much money as they can from groups, in my case I have respect for the medals etc of these brave men and don't buy to sell for profit. I've bought many family lots which I still have years later. Cheers Steve

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