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WW2 Pilots wings?

Article about: I'm finding there are an absolute ton of variations on USAAF pilots wings. Can anyone tell me if these are WW2 era, and correct? Thank you!!! Scott

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    Default WW2 Pilots wings?

    I'm finding there are an absolute ton of variations on USAAF pilots wings.

    Can anyone tell me if these are WW2 era, and correct? The pin and clasps and their attachment is a bit different from other examples of this Amcraft I've found. I'm wondering if this is actually more modern.

    Thank you!!!


    WW2 Pilots wings?

    WW2 Pilots wings?

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    Yes - it's a WWII era wing and looks to have had a
    replaced pin and catch, which is likely why it is
    heavily polished.........


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    Thanks Walkwolf. I'm trying to find a nice example of WW2 pilots wings, but the sheer volume of those out there is a bit overwhelming. Do you think the polishing has removed patina, or has it also removed detail and harmed the value?

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    Repair has removed some patina, but Amcraft pilot wings
    are relatively common so it shouldn't be too hard to find
    another set in perfect condition. Value will be affected
    somewhat, but not drastically.

    USAAF wings can be a minefield as there are many
    fakes and copies around, as well as a lot of
    different makers and patterns.........


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    Great eye Steve and I see now with looking at my Amcraft pilot wings that the OP's catches have a little tab facing inward that mine don't have.
    You Are Da Best Wing Man that anybody on this site could ask for!!!!!
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    A lot of times I fly solo, lol.........

    Amcraft wings can be found in pin-back and clutch-back
    types - both are correct.

    A pioneer in the wing collecting field once wrote that
    it's ok to repair wings, although most would like
    them original and untouched, IMO.........


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    I'll keep looking then. Polishing I could maybe be okay with, but I'd like a non-repaired example. Thanks guys!!!

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    If it were something like a Luxenberg or Blackinton
    maker, I would have no problem, though with
    time they will get toned again.

    Below is an Orber pilot wing I had 'restored'.
    It had been turned into a bracelet - the
    attachments were removed and it was
    bent into an arc :
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture WW2 Pilots wings?   WW2 Pilots wings?  



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