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10.5mm shell+Casing

Article about: Hi guys just got my hands in this one,10.5mm What nation and weapon/canon is this from? Kr Thomas.

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    It appears to be a 105mm tank gun casing and a 105mm Howitzer M1 HE projectile. They don't belong together.

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    If its a HE round, I guess its been repainted as it looks like Eau de Nile to me which should indicate Smoke. The only other similar colour I've seen was in Iraq and they were Phos rounds, we initially thought they were chemical rounds due to the colour and that the liquid sloshed around inside when we recovered them. We only stopped panicing when the RLC ATO found out that certain Phos compounds could melt in the extreme heat.

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    Hmmm...three years since this thread was active. oh well.

    The 105mm cartridge you have is Canadian. It was used in the Royal Ordnance L7A3 L/52 rifled gun in the Canadian Leopard I/II tanks.

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