I have a 105 MM round (inert) that is mounted in a custom Oak base, shaped like a cannon, that features two 50 cal rounds (inert) along with the crossed cannons of the Artillary Brass. the shell was a casing I fired while I was on active duty that was presented to me as a memento on my retirement. The projectile was obtained from a military friend and was in poor condition when I received it. I sand blasted the projectile , repainted it to look like an HE round, made the base and mounted the round.
I am moving and have to lighten the load and would like to know what this might be worth as I am planning to list it for sale soon. I would appreciate any educated guesses as to its worth so I can make a educated guess as to a starting price.
T105MM Complete Round question105MM Complete Round question105MM Complete Round question

Thanks for your help, Steve