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2 inch mortar

Article about: Just got this has a weld to the side hopefully been deactivated has remains of red band is this smoke??

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    Default 2 inch mortar

    Just got this has a weld to the side hopefully been deactivated has remains of red band is this smoke??2 inch mortar2 inch mortar

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    Red band - I would have thought to be HE, but check the head type to be sure.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 2 inch mortar  

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    I would go for a smoke too, and if it has a weld to the side I sure think it is deactivated. But I would double check just to be sure.
    The smoke has a red painted ring, but so has the the HE. Difference is the body of the smoke being varnished green, instead of the green rings on the HE's.
    Other difference is the lifting strap on the nose of the smoke, that you won't find on the HE.
    The Illumination has an other type of tail base, so that is out of the question.

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    Main body has 2 MOR 1 MW stampedon side tail unit has NO5 stamped on it.Can also see a sping inside the tail?

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    Looks like a plugged round, The slotted piece in the front is a plug, which would be unscrewed to fit a fuze. Normally the red band denotes the round is filled , and as you have an HE body it could have been filled (with HE) or someone has painted a red band on a practice round. Is the hole in the side caused by a gas torch or is it shrapnel damage?

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    Has the primer been hit ? may be a unfired round

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