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24cm shell

Article about: what kind of 24cm shell is this ? armor piercing with a ca 10cm cavity for the charge. McGyver

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    Talking 24cm shell

    what kind of 24cm shell is this ?
    armor piercing with a ca 10cm cavity
    for the charge.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 24cm shell  

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    Default Re: 24cm shell

    What kind ?

    Bloody BIG BUGGER ! That's what kind !

    Awesome find mate but please be are sure it doesn't contain any explosive charge aren't you ?


    Steve T

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    Very awesome and very big find as Steve said be careful, as this could cause a very bad day



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    Of cource it is empty.
    The base plug with the fuze is out.
    leaving the charge cavity visible.
    unfortunantly the copper bands have been salvaged.
    The weight is about 150kg...

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    i guess its a 24 cm round, two drivebands, so most likely navy, and if with a base fuse, it will be a pzr-sprg granate. i think the ballistic cap is corroded away. Nice find there! When you messure the exact length, width of the drivingbands(slots) and distance to the base, i think it will be possible to determine this shell.

    where there any 24 cm guns installed in this area during the war?

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    Are any markings visible?

    I can't find any army weapon that'd fit as an ID; the Theodor Bruno Kanone (Eisenbahn) was a 24cm weapon, but the cross-section diagram I have of its piercing projectile doesn't match this one's shape; it has a base fuze, but it has only a large ballistic cap, not the anti-shatter cap. It looks longer and its driving bands narrower as well. The only other 24cm cannon I found listed is a Czech field piece that uses ammunition that, apparently, had 3 driving bands, so that's out too. Did the Soviets field a 24cm cannon?
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    I think it might be a projectile for the 24cm SKL40

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    That would make sense since a listing of artillery units in Norway includes:


    MKB 4/ 517 Mestersand (7/ 513 )
    Equipped with 4 x 24 cm SKL/40 guns

    (from Coastal artillery units)
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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