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.303 with plastic bullets

Article about: I found this box at a gunshow this weekend. FN 52 head stamps. This is the second box of FN ammo I've seen from the 50s, the other one was for a Bren gun, it said on the box. Would this have

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    I still believe that these .303 plastic bulleted rounds are for crowd control rather than indoor practice, and that "SEC" stands for "Securitie".

    The blue short range rounds made by DAG in 9mm, 7.62mm and other calibres have just blue plastic bullets. The 9mm plastic bulleted rounds with the small steel ball in the tip are Swedish for sub-machine guns and quite different.

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    Interesting, Tony,

    I am not experienced in training rounds at all except for the ones I mentioned before which were a gunshow purchase, because of their price.

    Would be fascinating to see more info. about such a small caliber projectile being used for crowd control, especially in .303 -



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