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7.92mm Kurz rounds

Article about: Hey everyone,I have started collecting Kurz rounds by date and head stamp. Does anyone know how many makers there are?

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    I am only interested in war time rounds.

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    The East German made example marked "04" is made by Mechanische Werkstaetten Koenigswartha.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    The "04" code was Mechanische Werkstätten Königswartha. it is also found as "MKW" on commercial 7.92x57mm ammunition.


    Edit: Ooops - I didn't see Adrian's reply.
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    Then beyond factory, date, and lot number you have specialty rounds.
    Tracer, dummy, blank, and armorer gauge rounds.
    And early examples 7.9 marked Polte rounds.

    Postwar should also include Spanish and Argentine headstamps, of which there are blanks and dummy rounds, too.

    Wartime boxes have a lot of interesting variances worth collecting, too. 14, 15, 20 round.

    It is a fun field to collect -

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    Yeah and the 20 rd boxes are a bitch! The few that I have I got 50 yrs ago.
    Not sure that I have every maker code, but doubt that I'm missin more than a couple.
    I like the early "pre production" headstamps too.
    Have to find my inventory list to see what I have, but I've got a bunch. Course I've been collecting this since I bought ammo for my first MP 44 in about 1957 or 58.
    I collect by both box u. loose rds.
    I also collect any of the post war stuff I find. I've got a full case of e German, wish it was WW 2.

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    Here is my only 20 rounder, I added this one to my collection last week -

    It is great to collect - as there is a finite amount of this ammo - I also started a WW2 8X57 collection, but you could fill a warehouse with different examples and still not be done.

    This was the Ontario gunshow haul this weekend.

    My collection is only a few years old - but coming along.
    I am also collecting paperwork and technical derails on the Polte round, which is interesting.

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    One of the smaller but still pleasing things in my collection : -

    7.92mm Kurz rounds

    7.92mm Kurz rounds

    Deactivated, all identical fva-marked with original lacquer and no corrosion.

    It almost seems unbelievable now that I bought it 12 years ago for 25 Euros - on e-bay......

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    I picked up another another 20 round box - a nice early 1943 one, with the boxes it is worth recoding the stamp number too.

    Here is the stamp - often inside the flap.

    This is certainly the earliest box I own, and am quiet pleased with it, I have a second on the way - no pictures, just a telephone description, I will post when that one arrives.

    This was an interesting find - a Czech relabel, 1944 box - with three strippers of multiple factory and batch dates - probably a post war mash up.

    My collection is mainly pre-1945 -
    But, have about 1K rounds of post-war German in the collection and then PPI modern ammo for shooting.

    KAM is the headstamp I having the hardest time finding - a short production time on Polish Polte ammo I guess.

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    HE.s got his work cut out lol.

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    Quote by Martin Bull View Post
    There are believed to be 11 : -

    ak : Sellier & Bellot
    aux : Polte, Magdeburg
    auy : Polte, Gruneberg
    de : possibly Hugo Schneider
    dou : Waffenwerk Brunn
    eej : Markisches Walzerk
    fva : Draht und Metallwarenfabrik
    hla : Metallwarenfabrik Treuenbritzen
    kam : Hasag Eisen und Metallwerke
    oxo : Teuto Matallwerke
    wa : Hugo Schneider

    I wasn't keeping all that info in my's from Senich's 'German Assault Rifle1935-45'.
    Not sure about auy or eej - so far as headstamps go.
    All the others are listed in the Sturmgewehr book.

    Do you have a photo of a Kurz headstamped eej or auy?

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