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7.92mm Kurz rounds

Article about: Hey everyone,I have started collecting Kurz rounds by date and head stamp. Does anyone know how many makers there are?

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    Interesting point - reading further in Senich's book, only documentary evidence seems to exist for those two markings. It's quite possible that the war ended before the markings actually made it into production.

    So - either the task of acquiring a complete set is easier - or much more difficult if one or two of the auy/eej actually exist somewhere.......

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    There are a few that cross over into myth.

    Tracer, AP, iron projectile - rare, rare examples.
    Even wartime blanks, of which there appear to be three or four types are extraordinarily rare.

    The Geheime Staats-Polizei (Gestapo) ordered explosive bullets for their MP44's (their headquarters were on Prinz-Albrecht Strasse, and the explosive round was codenamed the PistSprgGesch "Prince Albrecht" - also, unlikely that they were produced, being a specialty round - the actual order papers still exist though.
    What devilish plan must have prompted this order?

    Or X marked suppressor ammo - which does exist, although there is only evidence of one such MP44 suppressor existing.
    I found records of suppressors being order from a number of different manufactures for:
    MP44, G43, MG42, MP40, K98.
    Manufacturers: Walther, Gutman and hufschmidt, Schneider Opel, Fuhrhop.
    Designations: Haube L23, L25, L26, L27, L53.
    (the various types could work with multiple weapons)

    The orders were between 500 and 1000 units from each manufacturer in 1944.

    However, no 8mm subsonic ammo existed, because, all attention and focus was on war use ball ammo - A suppressor requires sub-sonic ammo, the ammo manufacturers had to exceed their monthly requirement of regular ammo before being allowed to produce specialty ammo.
    This didn't happen with the 8x33mm Kurz ammo factories - in fact they couldn't even get close to their required output - (thankfully, as it was one of the many reasons we beat the bad guys. The irony being they equipped their troops with an awesome select fire assault weapon, but couldn't keep it loaded!)

    So, no suppressors (Schalldampfer) were produced for the MP44 - although one supposedly exists, as does one for the MG42 - again we're in the territory of mythology and heresy.

    But, certainly more than one x marked subsonic 8mm Kurz round was produced, as they are in private collections.

    I just picked up an SB marked 1946 round -
    Kurz was manufactured for one year after the war in the Czech factory, and is marked in such a way.
    It is a fairly rare round.
    I'll post pics when it arrives -

    East-German police (the barracked people's police) used MP44's until late '50's (jan 18, 1956) when they were permitted to become the NVA (National Peoples' army), and got AK type weapons, actually still retaining the MP designation - (they were not allowed to have an army until then, just a people's police force.)
    Although Spain and Argentina, also produced 8x33mm service rounds.
    Czech produced the round until late 1946 - then Germany produced it again in 1959/61 (as the KZ43).

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