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8,8kwk43 or one 8.8kwk36

Article about: Hola, me llamo Marc, no encontrado un sitio para presentarme me presento aquí. Quería hacer una pregunta, este proyectil que tengo que es un 8,8kwk43 o un 8.8 flak 18-36-37?¿ Saludos y graci

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    Now if that and bought the one that seems to me is correct

    8,8kwk43 or one 8.8kwk36

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    This is the Pzrg39/43. Made for the PAK43, KWK43 and the navy used them when the bore was worn out of the guns for the C/30 guns.

    You have to put it on a nice case, and you have the topround of WW2.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 8,8kwk43 or one 8.8kwk36  
    Attached Images Attached Images 8,8kwk43 or one 8.8kwk36 

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    My case is a bit rusty, but good already I will put photos when it it has
    regards and graces
    PD also I have bought the case of flak18 for another top and I will have both complete ones with case and proyectile, will put photos and I have bought also one 7,5kwk40 complete the springranate

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