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Ammo 30mm?

Article about: Hey guys Can any tell me what this ammo is for? somone said to me it from a sweedish Dragen jet-fighter cannon??

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    Default Ammo 30mm?

    Hey guys
    Can any tell me what this ammo is for?
    somone said to me it from a sweedish Dragen jet-fighter cannon??
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Ammo 30mm?  

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    Default Re: Ammo 30mm?

    Can you take a picture of the headstamp ?


    Steve T

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    Hi this is a 30mm aden round they were fitted in just about every nato fighter exept the tornado that used a 27mm round with a longer case.
    the aden was developed from captured german aircraft guns post war.
    the head stamp will be around the belt at the bottom rarther than the base.
    hope this helps

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    thanks guys very much
    The stamp says: GBJ LOT-02-90

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    The only RAF aircraft left that uses the ADEN gun is the BAe Hawk, the Tonka uses the Mauser 27mm and the Typhoon uses the beltless Mauser 27mm. The Harrier was going to have a 25mm percusion fired cannon but it failed....badly! It continued to use the Aden gun pods (Empty) untill 3 years ago when American made strakes were fitted in there place.

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    Hi Aircraft using the ADEN 30 as in-built armament have included the English Electric Lightning, Folland Gnat (and HAL Ajeet), Hawker Hunter, Gloster Javelin, Saab Lansen, Saab Draken, Supermarine Scimitar, and Australian versions of the F-86 Sabre. Several podded versions exist, including the installations scabbed below the fuselage of British Hawker-Siddeley Harrier (and USMC AV-8A/Cs) and Sea Harriers and the Swedish FFV Aden, which is used (among others) on the BAe Hawk. The FFV Aden contains the weapon and 150 rounds of ammunition, is 151.57 in (3.85 m) long, and weighs 802.5 lb (364 kg) fully loaded.
    then you can go into the defa range that have a shorter case but longer projectile so give the overall shape of the aden the apache gun ship uses such ammo as well as a lot of others.

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    Default Re: Ammo 30mm?

    Thanks Dogdog, I didnt know the Aussie sabre used it, nor the SAABS. I did some minor work on the ADEN but mostly worked on the Tonka Mauser and now the Typhoon Mauser (Which has some major mods over the Tonka Mauser). I much prefer the mauser, its much easier to work with.

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    Hi Bobby
    i supose this is a hang up from when we all worked together i wonder if there is so much interchangeability these days? i think not.
    i am with you the mauser is a better system but the aden could have worked well but i think the problem is low muz volosity shame really.

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    Default Re: Ammo 30mm?

    This is very interesting information you guys can tell just from a single bullet

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    Quote by Nordland/Danmark View Post
    This is very interesting information you guys can tell just from a single bullet
    The old 30mm Aden was due to be replaced by the newly designed Aden 25, firing 25mmx137 Oerlikon type KBA ammunition. The reason why the Aden 25 was cancelled was that there was a continual problem with the ammunition feed which kept jamming and this was impossible to rectify so the Harriers in service with the RAF which were due to be fitted with a pair of these Aden 25's retained their 30mm Aden guns. The Jaguar is also fitted with two 30mm Aden cannon as standard. The 25mm Oerlikon rounds are used in the US AV-8 Harrier's multi barrelled gatling cannon which is carried in a single pod with the ammunition drum located above and to the rear of it. Strange why the RAF couldntve have used the same US 25mm gun system rather than the Aden 25. The 30mm Aden might be old but its still a powerfull cannon which is amazing as like the French Defa series of 30mm cannon it can trace its origins from the German WW2 30mm Mauser MK213C which was the first cannon of its type to use the revolver principle.

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