NOTICE: Ade cleared me hot to post this. It's not a WTS post, but a give-away to whomever is interested.

I have some fired .303 British cartridge cases for anyone interested in these. They are wartime production and include K2, U, RG 42, RG 44, GB 42, GB 44 and GB 45 headstamps. I was given c.200 rounds to test fire for a friend who is a distributor and have empty cases that are Berdan primed and obviously older and probably not worth reloading. I know some of you make period displays for gun shows, exhibits, et al., so if you want authentic, wartime produced spent cases for a display, I have your cases. I don't want anything for these, just provide the postage and I'll send them as long as it is legal for you to receive/possess these in your country. If I don't get any takers, these will go to the scrap yard. I'd prefer not to separate these by headstamps.

If interested, please respond to: