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Anyone want a flak round in its tube?

Article about: Saw this advert on Craigslist. The thing looks live! ww2

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    Default Anyone want a flak round in its tube?

    Saw this advert on Craigslist. The thing looks live!
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    very attractive and I agree it looks live. my opinion is nothing good can come from live decade old flak rounds.
    What would you know about victory? I killed a she-wolf in her den, armed with only a knife. I escaped the Caughnawaga Indians who sought to burn me alive. And, I was the sole survivor of a shipwreck at the Battle of Havana. So you'll excuse me if I choose not to follow your advice." ―Israel Putnam speaking to a Continental Army officer at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

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    looks very live to me

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    it always surpises me what people have laying around and try to sell without knowing its live

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    Difficult to tell without examination. If it is a FlaK round, it's an AP and most likely solid shot. If deactivated the propellant case should have a 'rattle' and it it possible to decommisiion the primer internally.

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    This item was posted on the forum recently.

    gunshow find

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    Hi Martin even if AP it will still have a charge in the head part i have found alot of these over the years and the rear charge on the head is always a clockwise tread

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    mint condition but it can stay where it is thanks, lol.

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    Quote by kradman View Post
    Hi Martin even if AP it will still have a charge in the head part
    Sorry, I didn't make myself clear. I should have said : if deactivated properly.

    If deactivated properly, any charge in the head or tracer element should have been removed. My point was that is is possible for a round to look dangerous but at the same time to be deactivated.

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    nice but no thanks.

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