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Berlin panzerfaust

Article about: One wonders who's hands last held this thing when it was "alive and firing". Some young Hitler Youth firing at a Soviet T-34? Or some grey haired old crippled man leaning over a pi

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    Nice historical piece look forward to the outcome. timothy

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    Nice one Dave, that is a great artifact!

    The rust doesn't look to bad after the wire brushing so go easy with the electrolysis. If it were mine, i'd be exploring an Oxalic bath treatment first. Regardless, good luck and I hope to see more photos soon of it on display.

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    Thanks Glenn, but it's a bit late to reverse the electrolysis, it's already been in there for a few hours mate. I am keeping a fairly close eye on it though mate, I don't want to go too far with it. It seems to be quite solid beneath the rust though, I think there is some good solid metal underneath.

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    I'm sure you'll do fine mate.

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    Whoops, I was going to say watch out with and maybe not bother with the electrolysis too- I have a few friends who do conservation and it's a process the dropped a long time ago now because it's more destructive than anything. I suppose luckily the tube of a Panzerfaust 60m like this is heavy so hopefully it's reasonably intact anyway
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    I like using citric acid --- no health issues and very gentle. Looking forward to seeing pics after the bath

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    nice Dave.

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    C'mon Dave, it's Sunday afternoon in W.A. by my reckoning.

    Do you have a nice, clean 'faust relic or a pile of sludge in the bottom of your electrolysis tank? (kidding by the way )

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    It is a nice sunny Sunday arvo in W.A. Mate and I have a slightly cleaner panzerfaust! I reckon it has come up pretty good considering how corroded it was.Berlin panzerfaustBerlin panzerfaustBerlin panzerfaust

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    Very nice!!

    I guess you kept the current low as there still seems a good amount of rust bubbles left? Whats the plan now? Give her a little more time in the tank or rennaisance wax her up and keep it as is?

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