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Berlin Tempelhof find

Article about: Not two months ago a German EOD team was vaporized while trying to defuse an American 1000GP bomb. This was a task they had done probably 100s of times... this time their luck ran out. EOD i

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    Default Berlin Tempelhof find

    Hi all,

    I was browsing about Tempelhof Field the other day, the Berlin airport which is now a huge open park, and stumbled onto this, digging a bit into the ground, having nearly tripped over it. I was wondering if it may be a kind of cartridge left over from ww2 ? Or is that getting my hopes too high. Here is a pic: It might also be just a useless piece of scrap metal. It felt heavy.

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    Default Re: Berlin Tempelhof find

    It looks like some sort of solid anti tank shot, possible sabot?

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    Default Re: Berlin Tempelhof find

    I was there a few years ago when it was still a semi-functioning airport. Wish I had a chance to poke around

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    Default Re: Berlin Tempelhof find

    Yea, the park is flabbergasting : you can walk for ages without seeing the other end of the airport field. Amazing. Would the cartridge, if it is one, be dangerous to handle, if it was simply discarded and not fired (Considering it was quite heavy) ?

    I buried it back into the ground,maybe I should go and pick it up again.

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    Default Re: Berlin Tempelhof find

    ive got to ask is there any parts of tempelhof off limits ?

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    Default Re: Berlin Tempelhof find

    I would go back and pick it up as i believe it could be some sort of ammunition like Kc1 said

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    Default Re: Berlin Tempelhof find

    Aye, the main terminal is off limits for the moment, I think they're reserving it for events and such, but the grounds are all open. That is, except for a few scattered radar-like smallish buildings that are fenced off.

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    Default Re: Berlin Tempelhof find

    thanks griffner i know whats gonna be added to my to visit list

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    Default Re: Berlin Tempelhof find

    I have heard rumor of lage underground bunkers filled with WW2 ordinance. But probably a LOT of stuff just lying around from the battle for Berlin

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    Default Re: Berlin Tempelhof find

    Ha, that would be interesting, I hadn't heard that story. I was telling myself that Berlin construction workers must probably sift through lots of battle rubble sometimes, surely they fall on the odd undetonated bomb and so forth.

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